Galahad a giant dog that weight100 kilos

Shelter seeks a home for Galahad, a giant dog that weight 100 kilos

Galahad, a four-year-old English mastiff, is described as an affectionate and sociable dog who is unaware of his enormous size.

giant dog weight 100 kilograms is searching for a warm and spacious home after waiting for a family at an animal shelter in Canterbury, England .

The four-year-old mastiff Galahad is being cared for by the transfer staff at the Dogs Trust shelter, where the little animal is seen as “the biggest dog we have ever owned” and they hope to find a new owner with an equal heart big.

Harriet Blaskett, Relocation Center Manager at Dogs Trust Canterbury , said: “Galahad is easily the largest dog we have ever had here in Canterbury, and he’s looking for a big-hearted owner to match.

Galahad likes to step on flowers and chew on toys.
Galahad likes to step on flowers and chew on toys.

“He has no idea of ​​his size and loves human company, so he needs an owner capable of handling the demands of such a large dog .”

Ms Blaskett said: “Galahad has had a lot of upheavals in his life so far, so he may be a bit insecure when he first goes somewhere, but once he’s comfortable he enjoys exploring his surroundings, smelling ( and throwing things) as it goes. “

They look for a place for the giant dog

Galahad is the name of one of King Arthur's knights.
Galahad is the name of one of King Arthur’s knights.

As La Verdad Noticias learned , Galahad has already been in several homes, but people find it difficult to maintain it due to its size that intimidates anyone, since it weighs almost the same as a baby elephant .

The shelter asks that whoever wants to adopt him can give him access to a garden, but he cannot live with cats and other furry pets. For safety reasons it is recommended that you live with children 12 years and older.

According to the Standard newspaper, English Mastiffs are recognized by Guinness World Records as the heaviest breed of dog . The record holder weighted 142 kilograms in 1987.

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