Sheinbaum refused to have “corcholatas” for CDMX

Sheinbaum refused to have “corcholatas” for CDMX

CDMX head of government spoke about the 2024 elections (Twitter/@Claudiashein)

The head of the government of Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, rejected that she was going to appoint or decide on the corcholatas to replace her in her post, that is, the person who could appear on the ballot in the 2024 elections.

During a press conference, the president of the capital said that, from her point of view, the citizens are the ones who have to choose the person who will represent the Fourth Transformation, as well as the person who will replace him.

However, he said that the profile that the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) should represent is that of a honest politics and that he is betting on the continuity of the transformation movement in the country’s capital.

“Let the citizens, the inhabitants of the city, decide. The head of government does not have to talk about profileswho yes, obviously, (must be) honest people, who continue the transformation of the city and who continue to build a city of rights and that there are no regressions towards corruption”, he said. declared Thursday, March 16.

Sheinbaum highlighted "good profiles" inside the 4T to compete for the seat of government CDMX (archive)
Sheinbaum highlighted ‘good profiles’ within 4T to compete for CDMX seat of government (File)

He also indicated that within Regeneración Nacional there are good profiles represent the movement, which led her to ensure that the aspirations or declarations of third parties are legitimate in all cases.

“There are many colleagues who aspire to be Head of Government, all of them are legitimate and there are very good ones”

On the other hand, Sheinbaum Pardo was asked if the senator Xochitl Galvez could have a chance to govern the country’s capital and, although he did not rule out the popularity of the National Action Party (PAN) militant, he stressed that, from his point of view, the problem of the opposition is that He has no government project.

“The problem with them is that they have no project, that is to say they have a project to return to the past. I ask, Who wants to return to the previous sexennium in the city?“, were the words with which the head of government concluded the broadcast.

Rosa Icela leads the preferences for the city (REUTERS / Luis Cortés)
Rosa Icela leads the preferences for the city (REUTERS / Luis Cortés)

last march 13 The financier published the latest results of the survey he conducted on profile preferences for governing the country’s capital, where it was pointed out that the ruling coalition still retains the preference in the intention to vote, that is -to say Morena, the Labor Party (PT) and the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM).

Going deeper into this political movement, the profile that stands out is that of the head of the Secretariat for Citizen Security and Protection (SSPC), Rosa Icela Rodriguezwith 38% of respondents’ preferences and, if the elections take place on these dates, then he could obtain victory.

Omar García Harfuch and Ricardo Monreal have a preference of opinions if they decide to compete for the post of head of government (Twitter/@RicardoMonrealA)
Omar García Harfuch and Ricardo Monreal have a preference of opinions if they decide to compete for the post of head of government (Twitter/@RicardoMonrealA)

Followed by the Secretary of State is the head of the Secretariat for Citizen Security (SSC) in the nation’s capital, Omar Garcia Harfuchwith 36% in favor, only two percentage points divide those responsible — at different levels of government — for security.

The mayor of Iztapalapa was also on the list, Clara Brugada, with 30% of preferences; while, surprisingly because he is running for the Presidency of the Republic, the senator found himself Ricardo Montreal with 28 percent.

While, on the opposition side, the strongest card belongs to the PAN with the senator Xochitl Galvez, which has 31% of preferences. Only seven points below the strongest letter in 4T and five from the capital’s security secretary, but one point above mayor Brugada.

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