Shakira is reportedly preparing a lawsuit against Anuel AA for naming her in his song without permission

Shakira is reportedly preparing a lawsuit against Anuel AA for naming her in his song without permission

The successful musical collaboration between Caroline Giraldo Navarro, better known as Karl G, and Shakira, called “TQG”, sparked controversy due to the allusions the two artists made towards their ex-partners: Anuel AA and former Spanish footballer and businessman Gerard Pique Bernabeu, respectively.

However, the controversy intensified with the release of “Plus riche qu’hier”, Anuel AA’s first musical theme of 2023, in which the musician also generates clues aimed at Karl G. One line in the song refers to the separation of Shakira and Gerard Pique, leading to speculation about the possibility of a lawsuit against the Colombian singer.

The situation has kept fans of urban music on edge, with some thinking that Anuel AA is trying to capitalize on the notoriety of his ex-partner, while others believe it is a marketing strategy to promote his new music release. All of these situations have increased the rivalry between the three artists who continue to make headlines, and no one knows for sure what will happen in the future.

Although the founder of Barefoot is not directly related to the relationship between Caroline Giraldo Navarro and Anuel AA, the situation changed with the release of the song “Más rica que ayer”, which refers to the breakup of Shakira and Gerard Pique without the prior consent of the artist.

This situation led to Shakira being furious with the singer and is said to be seriously considering suing him for the use of her name in the lyrics of the song. Although no official information is available, the singer’s fans are waiting for news about the case.

In one of the lines of the song, the urban singer can be heard mentioning: “you are not Shakira, nor are you Pique”. This is one of the reasons why Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll could start legal proceedings and sue Karl G’s ex-boyfriend.

Despite this, fans of “bichota” (Shakira) assure that this song is entirely dedicated to her, as throughout the song she repeats the word “bebecita”, a nickname they used a lot in their relationship.

In addition to that, Emmanuel Gazmey (Anuel AA) posted an image as an alleged clue to Karl G, after the musical hit “TQG”. Anuel AA shared photographs referring to the phrase interpreted by Colombians “women do not cry, women charge” in the Musical sessions #53. The reggaeton player pointed out that now it’s the men who don’t cry, but also the bill. The performer shared a photo of himself with a poster of Shakira in the background to celebrate that the theme is among the most listened to songs in the world.

For someone’s name to be mentioned in a musical piece, it is necessary to have their consent. The body responsible for processing the data must adopt internal procedures to request the authorization of the owner and have their signature affixed to the document.

Colombian law is emphatic when it assures us that we must have the owner’s prior express and informed consent, i.e., the owner of the information approves and knows for what and how this information will be used. Likewise, the authorization must be available for later consultation.

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