Since last Wednesday, September 29, the downpour began in Barranquilla. The heavy rains have lasted until this Thursday and are the cause of several emergencies in the capital of the Atlantic.

The citizens of that area of ​​the country reported several floods in the streets of the city through social networks. Among the photos and videos published on digital platforms there are several that show house roofs and fallen trees.

This Thursday the rains were so heavy that in the Los Andes neighborhood, a stream of water dragged a vehicle to the canalization works of the Felicidad stream in that area of ​​the city. The event occurred exactly on 57th street with 27th race.

“The Barranquilla Fire Department attended to this emergency in the Los Andes neighborhood, where a car that was parked was dragged by the powerful current that took it to the canalization works of a stream in the sector,” reported a Twitter account in charge to report the news of the city.

Another emergency was reported in the north of Barranquilla. The rains caused a tree to fall, which in turn toppled the pole of a telecommunications company. The structure fell on several vehicles that were parked in the place. This situation was recorded in Carrera 53 between Calle 75 and 76.

The deputy commander of the Barranquilla Fire Department, Lieutenant César Fonseca told the local newspaper El Heraldo that “there are several emergencies that are being treated at this time.”

“We know about several houses that were left unroofed on 17th Street as a result of the strong winds that accompanied the rain, ”said Subcomandante Fonseca. In the El Edén neighborhood, different homes also reportedly ended up homeless due to the downpour this Thursday.

Since the beginning of this month in Colombia, the second rainy season began to show in regions such as Andean and Caribbean Coast, which were hit by heavy rainfall that alerted several departments for floods and possible landslides.

The foregoing was announced by the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (Ideam), an authority that assured that the end of the year will be rainier than in previous months.

According to Daniel Useche, head of Forecasts and Alerts at Ideam, it will be a complex situation and he recommends attention to the authority’s statements.

It is well known that the second rainy season of the year is much stronger than the firstEven more so if we have favorable conditions for the development of this kind of copious rainfall in the country. Especially, from mid-September to mid-December ”, commented the official for Caracol Radio.

This was alerted by the authority since mid-August, at which time it invited the Risk Management Unit and community members to prepare for this meteorological event.

“For this year 2021, as the Ideam has been indicating, the cooling of the tropical Pacific Ocean and the possibilities that remain for the next few months, will favor an increase in rainfall in much of the country”, Explained Yolanda González, director of Ideam, through a statement.

The most intense rains will correspond to the months of October and November. These, according to González, will be located in the Caribbean and Andean region, and will have precipitation values ​​of 40% to 60% above normal.

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