Camila’s video that sparked controversy over the treatment of her cat

Only five participants remain in the house of Big brother, four of whom are on set, with the possibility of leaving a few weeks after the end of the reality show. So the strategy of each of them’s fan circles is to find each other’s weaknesses, the missteps they’ve made. All excuses are good to justify a vote against one of the adversaries.

However, what happened in the past few hours went way beyond any edited commentary or video. Via social networks, an old video published by Camila Lactantius on his TikTok account which sparked controversy over the treatment of his cat.

The images leave no room for doubt, we can see the current participant in the cycle with the cat held in his hands, without letting it move, at a time when he offers resistance and tries to escape the situation. Meanwhile, she manipulates his head and begs him to smile and, posing his face close-up, asks him to pose for the camera.

“Oh my God, you’re always so aggressive,” she tells him, at a time when he tries to free himself from her arms and get out of the situation. “Give mom a kiss,” she continues, then the animal bites her mouth. “Guys, did you have such a crazy cat?” he asks the camera. “You can’t be so sick, skinny,” he added to later “dancing to the beat of the classic reggaeton The thief cat. “I smiled for the camera, my love, we have to become famous for something,” insisted the young woman from Ituzaingó, and stretched the skin over her head.

In the next scene, the singer, holding her pet in the foreground, stretches her skin, saying, “Let’s make faces…oh, you’re aggressive!” Meanwhile, the animal tries to escape the situation. Undoubtedly, when these types of images began to be disseminated, they did not cease to be reproduced on social networks, and the repudiation of their attitudes became widespread, obtaining a massive complaint on the networks.

The clash between Juliet and Camila from Big Brother

“Camila abuses her cat, insults him, throws him everywhere, pulls his skin and you can see how he hangs on her. This girl can’t be in Big brother, where are the protectionists who have talked so much about Juliet? There are videos here,” one of the commenters explained, while another explained that “I can’t see this, it hurts.”

But they weren’t the only ones, of course, since these types of expressions began to repeat themselves: “This video makes me very angry. Camilan go now, you can’t treat a kitten like that. My God”; “Be Camille, Juliet or anyone else, what they do to the cat isn’t done, period. They don’t want to defend the indefensible,” closes another of the commentators.

Although there is no confirmed date for the end of the cycle (it is assumed that it could be March 27), Big brother heads for the home straight. There is very little left to know who will be the big winner of the reality show, and the lucky winner who is crowned with 15 million pesos and a house.

So, after the last nomination last Wednesday, the final plate consisted of Camille, Marcos, Juliet y Rominaand since there is no more possibility that the leader (who this week was Nacho) except one of the participants, it will be the last. On Sunday, after the public vote, one of them will have to say goodbye and leave behind their dream of becoming Big brother.

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