SDC Championship Normal Scores

SDC Championship Normal Scores


At St. Francis Links

St Francis Bay, South Africa

Grant: $1.6 million

Yardage: 7,192; By: 72

First round

Kristian Krogh Johannessen, Norway35-32—67-5
David Ravetto, France33-34—67-5
Connor Syme, Scotland34-34—68-4
Julien Brun, France34-35—69-3
Nick Bachem, Germany34-35—69-3
Sean Cronje, South Africa35-34—69-3
Joost Luiten, Netherlands38-31—69-3
Martin Simonsen, Denmark34-35—69-3
Matthew Baldwin, England35-35—70-2
Sami Valimaki, Finland36-34—70-2
Albert Venter, South Africa35-35—70-2
Louis Albertse, South Africa35-35—70-2
Daniel Brown, England34-36—70-2
Alexandre Levy, France37-33—70-2
Benjamin Follett-Smith, Zimbabwe34-36—70-2
Darren Fichardt, South Africa35-36—71-1
James Kamte, South Africa35-36—71-1
Robin Sciot-Siegrist, France36-35—71-1
Merrick Bremner, South Africa36-35—71-1
John Catlin, United States34-37—71-1
Todd Clements, England35-36—71-1
Louis De Jager, South Africa34-37—71-1
Ross Fisher, England34-37—71-1
Mateusz Gradecki, Poland36-35—71-1
Justin Harding, South Africa35-36—71-1
Ruan Corb, South Africa35-36—71-1
David Law, Scotland36-35—71-1
Zander Lombard, South Africa35-36—71-1
JC Ritchie, South Africa36-35—71-1
Antoine Rozner, France36-36—72E
Thomas Aiken, South Africa36-36—72E
George Coetzee, South Africa39-33—72E
Jean Hugo, South Africa36-36—72E
Olivier Bekker, South Africa38-34—72E
Adri Arnaus, Spain33-39—72E
Keenan Davidse, South Africa37-35—72E
Philippe Eriksson, Sweden36-36—72E
Ewen Ferguson, Scotland35-37—72E
Gavin Green, Malaysia37-35—72E
Triston Lawrence, South Africa37-35—72E
Hennie O’Kennedy, South Africa36-36—72E
Jaco Prinsloo, South Africa36-36—72E
Brandon Stone, South Africa36-36—72E
Andy Sullivan, England34-38—72E
Darius Van Driel, Netherlands32-40—72E
Stefan Wears-Taylor, South Africa35-37—72E
Robin Williams, South Africa36-36—72E
Jeff Winther, Denmark37-35—72E
Lukas Nemecz, Austria37-35—72E
Rafael Cabrera Bello, Spain35-38—73+1
Richie Ramsay, Scotland35-38—73+1
Jbe Kruger, South Africa35-38—73+1
Kalle Samoa, Finland38-35—73+1
Bryce Easton, South Africa36-37—73+1
Dale Whitnell, England38-35—73+1
Gerard Du Plooy, South Africa40-33—73+1
Pedro Figueiredo, Portugal36-37—73+1
Luca Filippi, South Africa38-35—73+1
Trevor Fisher, South Africa37-36—73+1
Julien Guerrier, France33-40—73+1
Ryo Hisatsune, Japan35-38—73+1
Casey Jarvis, South Africa39-34—73+1
Anton Karlsson, Sweden35-38—73+1
Dylan Mostert, South Africa35-38—73+1
Hennie Otto, South Africa36-37—73+1
John Parry, England36-37—73+1
Jake Redman, South Africa36-37—73+1
Neil Schietekat, South Africa35-38—73+1
Jordan L. Smith, England36-37—73+1
Nicolai Von Dellingshausen, Germany37-36—73+1
Jens Dantorp, Sweden37-37—74+2
CJ Du Plessis, South Africa35-39—74+2
Matthew Southgate, England37-37—74+2
Jaco Van Zyl, South Africa38-36—74+2
Yeongsu Kim, South Korea38-36—74+2
Shaun Norris, South Africa37-37—74+2
Nacho Elvira, Spain34-40—74+2
Daan Huizing, Netherlands38-36—74+2
Alexander Knappe, Germany36-38—74+2
Hurly Long, Germany36-38—74+2
Adilson Da Silva, Brazil36-38—74+2
Hennie Du Plessis, South Africa37-37—74+2
Luke Brown, South Africa39-36—75+3
Daniel Van Tonder, South Africa36-39—75+3
Dylan Naidoo, South Africa38-37—75+3
John Axelsen, Denmark38-37—75+3
Stephen Ferreira, Portugal37-38—75+3
Manu Ghent, India36-39—75+3
Deon Germishuys, South Africa39-36—75+3
Rupert Kaminski, South Africa36-39—75+3
Maximilian Kieffer, Germany39-36—75+3
Wilco Nienaber, South Africa39-36—75+3
Adrian Otaegui, Spain39-36—75+3
Matthew Pavon, France38-37—75+3
Ockie Strydom, South Africa38-37—75+3
Olivier Wilson, England38-37—75+3
Martin Rohwer, South Africa39-36—75+3
Tom McKibbin, Northern Ireland37-39—76+4
Romain Langasque, France39-37—76+4
Calum Hill, Scotland36-40—76+4
Jeong Weon Ko, France38-38—76+4
Niklas Norgaard Moller, Denmark38-38—76+4
James Morrisson, England36-40—76+4
Lyle Rowe, South Africa36-40—76+4
Jayden Trey Schaper, South Africa40-36—76+4
Combrinck Smit, South Africa35-41—76+4
Clement Sordet, France37-39—76+4
Keelan Van Wyk, South Africa38-38—76+4
Heinrich Bruiners, South Africa37-39—76+4
Michael G. Palmer, South Africa38-38—76+4
Rourke Van Der Spuy, South Africa36-40—76+4
Aaron Cockerill, Canada40-37—77+5
Allister De Kock, South Africa38-39—77+5
Joachim B. Hansen, Denmark42-35—77+5
Tristen Strydom, South Africa37-40—77+5
Jacques Blaauw, South Africa42-35—77+5
Daniel Gavins, England34-43—77+5
Herman Loubser, South Africa41-36—77+5
Matthew Jordan, England40-37—77+5
Tapio Pulkkanen, Finland41-36—77+5
JJ Senekal, South Africa40-37—77+5
Ryan Van Velzen, South Africa38-39—77+5
Rhys West, South Africa39-38—77+5
Kyle Barker, South Africa42-35—77+5
Ruan Conradie, South Africa33-44—77+5
James Mack, South Africa37-40—77+5
Jaco Ahlers, South Africa37-41—78+6
Luke Jerling, South Africa37-41—78+6
Johannes Veerman, United States37-41—78+6
Aneurin Gounden, South Africa37-41—78+6
Alex Haindl, South Africa38-40—78+6
Marcel Schneider, Germany38-40—78+6
Keagan Thomas, South Africa39-40—79+7
Wil Besseling, Netherlands40-39—79+7
Mikko Korhonen, Finland40-39—79+7
Pieter Moolman, South Africa38-41—79+7
Mikael Lindberg, Sweden41-38—79+7
Chengyao Ma, China40-39—79+7
Dan Bradbury, England39-40—79+7
Jamie Donaldson, Wales39-40—79+7
Tobias Eden, Sweden42-37—79+7
Yurav Premlall, South Africa41-39—80+8
Shubhankar Sharma, India40-40—80+8
Wynand Dingle, South Africa40-40—80+8
Anthony Michael, South Africa36-44—80+8
Freddy Schott, Germany38-42—80+8
Justin Walters, South Africa41-39—80+8
Estian Conradie, South Africa37-44—81+9
Franklin Manchester, South Africa41-40—81+9
Alejandro Del Rey Gonzalez, Spain42-39—81+9
Oliver Hundeboll Jorgensen, Denmark45-38—83+11
Jacques Kruyswijk, South Africa45-38—83+11
Jeremy Freiburghaus, Switzerland39-45—84+12
Reinhardt Blaauw, South Africa43-41—84+12
James Du Preez, South Africa41-43—84+12
Jacquin Hess, South AfricaWD
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