German Chancellor Olaf Scholz today blamed Russia for the delays in transporting the turbine that Gazprom is claiming for the Nord Stream gas pipeline and which, according to Moscow, prevent it from fully operating. performance.

The turbine is “ready to be transported,” Scholz said, during a visit to the plant of the Siemen Energy company in Mühlheim (western Germany), where the engine is located.

According to Scholz, for the turbine to reach its destination “it is only necessary for Gazprom to ask for it”, something that has not happened, while the German and other countries involved already have all the relevant permits for transport.

From Moscow, they continue to insist that the reduction in supplies is due to “technical problems” derived from the lack of that part, something that, according to Scholz, “does not respond to the truth.”

Gazprom completely suspended supplies for ten days in July, citing maintenance work and the lack of a turbine.

Supplies were finally resumed, but reduced to 20% of the pipeline’s capacity, as Moscow continues to insist on “technical problems”.

Despite this situation, Germany managed to maintain the level of gas deposits above 64% while the service was completely suspended and, after its resumption, slow progress to 68% has been achieved.

The goal of the German Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection is to reach 75% by the beginning of September and 95% in November, thereby guaranteeing gas supplies during the winter.

For this purpose, the coal plants that were already out of operation have been activated, so as not to have to resort to gas for electricity consumption.

Likewise, some “Länder” have begun to adopt energy saving measures in public buildings and monuments, public swimming pools and other facilities.

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