Scandalous final between Cadiz and Getafe in Spain: an Argentinian player could receive a serious sanction

Scandalous final between Cadiz and Getafe in Spain: an Argentinian player could receive a serious sanction

It was a very tense match and it ended in the most outrageous way. Cadiz there Getafe they faced each other in the New Mirandilla Stadium as part of Date 25 of the Spanish League, in a match between two teams that want to escape relegation. A goal of Enes Unal criminal in the minute 106 to put the 2-2 final and gave way to a scandalous end that left the Argentine footballer very compromised Jeremias Ledesma.

It was an absolutely eventful game, with constant interruptions – two VAR-reviewed penalties, seven cards and eight substitutions – from the referee team led by alejandro jose Hernandez Hernandez, who decided to add 10 minutes. an involuntary hand Pasha Espino gave a new penalty to Getafe who tied the game at the last breath.

The mess in the field of Cadiz It didn’t take long to show up. The home fans’ fury for the refereeing decisions transferred to the players and the nervousness escalated to the point that Iza Carcelen assaulted Juan Iglesias. The referee expelled the defender from the Cadiz and a loud fight broke out between all the players. From the bleachers, they began throwing objects, such as plastic bottles and lighters.

The tension on the pitch was replicated in the locker room tunnel, where the Argentine Jeremiah Conan ledesma the chain came loose, according to the report of Hernandez Hernandez. According to the Spanish press, the former goalkeeper of central rosarywho had previously been reprimanded for protesting, was expelled for pushing “A teammate who stuck to my back in an attempt to get him to hit me, get it.”

Scandalous final between Cadiz and Getafe at the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium (EFE)
Scandalous final between Cadiz and Getafe at the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium (EFE)

The penalty for Conan ledesma This will depend on the interpretation made by the Competition Committee on the match referee’s report. From the Spanish media, they point out that the Argentine goalkeeper is liable to be sanctioned with several matches depending on the application of the law. Disciplinary Code of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). According to article 145.3 of the disciplinary code, the Argentinian could be punished from four to 12 suspension dates.

One of the most furious after the game was Sergio Gonzalez, the DT of Cadiz, who vented all his anger during the press conference. “I am very angry I don’t want to talk about the referees because if I talk they penalize me. That they add 10 minutes is a fucking barbarism. I want to send a message to the arbitration body and that they recover their batteries because we all play a lot”, he condemned.

After 25 days played in the Spanish League, the Cadiz of Jeremias Ledesma only accumulates 27 dots and it is located two units above the red zone which is currently occupied by Elche, Valencia there Seville. His next match will be against him. Almeriain another very tense duel for the fight at the bottom of the classification.

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