Sánchez Vera’s triumphant return to an Atlético champion

Sánchez Vera’s triumphant return to an Atlético champion

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Atlético made a strong bet before their participation in the Iberdrola Spanish Super Cup and could not do better. A day before their confrontation against Barcelona in the second semifinal of the competition, the rojiblanco club announced a real bombshell: José Luis Sánchez Vera replaced Dani González at the head of the bench. The coach, who had left the bench of the first women’s team in October 2019, returned to Atlético to try to fight for the first title of the season.

His presence was immediately noticed. The rojiblanco team abandoned the untouchable 1-4-4-2 that Dani González presented game after game to present a 1-4-3-3, with Lindahl in goal, against the almighty Barcelona. Atlético knew how to defend itself well, take advantage of its opportunities and stay focused throughout the match – something that had cost them in the Primera Iberdrola matches this season, which they always found difficult to close.

Thus, with a huge Swiss goalkeeper under sticks, could hold a clean sheet against the Barça team until the 90th minute, when a genius from Alexia Putellas It was the tie that forced extra time (Van Dongen had advanced the rojiblancas with a penalty). Not even in overtime could Lluís Cortés’s team with Sánchez Vera’s extra-motivated footballers. Nor in the penalty shootout. The rojiblanco coach was ‘re-released’ on the bench with a pass to the final.

And if in the semifinals he had changed the scheme, in the final he was going to do the same. Sánchez Vera opted for a 1-4-2-3-1 and gave ownership to the Cameroonian Njoya Ajara, signing of this winter market that debuted like this with the red-and-white elastic. Another bet won. Njoya Ajara signed an excellent performance, assisting Deyna Castellanos in 0-1 and scoring the second and third goals of hers from Ludmila’s pass.

With the return of League manager won 2018-19 season, Atlético changed the bitter faces of draws in the last breath for the smiles and the communion between the coaching staff and some players that showed that they still have a lot to say at Primera Iberdrola.

At present, the rojiblanco team is out of the Champions League positions, in fifth position, five points behind a leading Barcelona with three less disputed games. For now Sánchez Vera has returned with a Super Cup under his arm. Now, it remains for its effect to continue in the League.

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