Russian model Gretta Vedler found dead and in a suitcase

Russian model Gretta Vedler found dead and in a suitcase

On Russia The body of 23-year-old Russian model Gretta Vedler was discovered. This was found inside a suitcase with her belongings, after being reported missing more than a year ago.

The model, who was a critic of the government of Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, She was assassinated a month after posting on her networks that the president was a “psychopath” and that his campaign to improve the integrity of the country would end badly.

“I can only assume, in my opinion, that a clear psychopathy or sociopath is seen in him”said the young woman, according to statements quoted by the newspaper “Daily Mail”.

However, the authorities when investigating ruled out that the death of the young woman is related to her way of thinking about President Putin. The hypothesis that is gaining strength, at the moment, involves her ex-boyfriend.

The confession

Her ex-boyfriend Dmitry Korovin, who is also 23 years old, confessed to the authorities that he had strangled the model until his death.after they had an argument over money in a Moscow hotel.

Korovin In his statement, he stated that he put his body in a suitcase and slept next to the corpse for three nights. He then took him to the Lipetsek region and kept his body in a car trunk for more than a year.

Not only with that, the young man continued to post messages and photos on the model’s social networks so that no one suspected that she was not alive.

A friend and blogger of the model, Evgeniy Foster, worried about her whereabouts. He therefore called the authorities to make a missing person report. From that moment the authorities searched for Gretta Vedler and finally found her.

The Russian Investigation Committee revealed the confession of Gretta’s sentimental partner and, likewise, images showing how Korovin took her life.

So far it is only known that the young man was captured by the authorities, but no further details have been revealed regarding the case.

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