Russia wants to limit western military presence near its borders

Russia wants to limit western military presence near its borders

This Friday, Russia unveiled two treaty proposals to limit the western military presence near its borders. The Eurasian country wants to negotiate them “as of Saturday” with U.S to avoid an increase in tensions.

The propositions are published in a context of hostility between Russia and Westerners over Ukraine. Both the United States and European countries accuse Russia of preparing an attack, which Moscow denies.

The two texts, called “treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation on security guarantees” and “agreement on measures to ensure the security of the Russian Federation and the Member States” from OTAN, foresee among others to prohibit a new expansion of the Alliance and the establishment of US military bases in former Soviet countries.

“EIt is essential that security guarantees for Russia are written on paper and have legal value”, indicated Sergei Riabkov, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, after presenting the documents to the press.

He also proposed to start negotiations “from tomorrow, literally, Saturday, December 18” and said that Moscow had proposed to the Americans that they take place in Geneva.

According to Riabkov, the proposals are the way to reestablish Russian-Western cooperation in “total absence of mutual trust“And before politics”aggressive“From NATO”in the vicinity of Russia”.

The person in charge believes that it is necessary to “reinvigorate the relationship from a blank sheet”.

The proposals were delivered this week to a US diplomat.

Among other obligations, the treaties would prohibit the United States from creating military bases in any former Soviet Union country that is not a member of NATO. It would also prevent “use its infrastructure for military activities or develop bilateral military cooperation”.

In addition, all the members of the Atlantic Alliance – an international political and military organization – would undertake not to further expand NATO, especially to Ukraine, and not to carry out any “military activity on the territory of Ukraine and in other countries of Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia”.

Washington, NATO and the European Union accuse Moscow of having concentrated thousands of soldiers on the borders with Ukraine to prepare an attack.

In the event of an invasion, Westerners threaten Russia with sanctions and seem to exclude military intervention for the time being.

For its part, Russia rejects all the accusations and assures instead that it is under threat from NATO, which according to Moscow, supports Ukraine militarily and multiplies its air and maritime presence in the Black Sea region.

Melissa Galbraith
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