This Monday, the European Union announced that the 27-nation bloc has approved another round of sanctions against Moscow.

France, current president of the EU, pointed out that “after consultation with our international allies, a fourth package of sanctions has been approved against individuals and entities involved in the aggression against Ukraine, as well as various sectors of the Russian economy”.

In addition, they indicated in a statement that the block also approved a declaration to the World Trade Organization “with respect to suspending the application of the most favored nation clause for Russia and suspend the evaluation of Belarus’ application for accession to the WTO”.

In the event that Russia becomes suspended, its companies they would no longer have special treatment in the block.

The announcements follow the declarations of the members of the EU during their summit last Friday in Versailles, where announced the arrival of a stricter package if Russia continues with the invasion of Ukraine; while the details about the recently announced sanctions will be known until they are published in the official gazette of the European Union.

Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European commission, said in a statement that the fourth package of sanctions will further isolate Russia, “and will exhaust the resources which it uses to finance this barbaric war”.

From the beginning of the war, the EU took measures precise against the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, the financial system and the Russian oligarchs.

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