Russia begins large-scale war exercises in the Baltic Sea

Russia begins large-scale war exercises in the Baltic Sea

The navy of Russia this Monday began some large-scale naval exercises in the Baltic Sea, coinciding with the growing tensions on the western border of the country due to the situation around, Ukraine official sources reported.

20 ships, boats and support ships are participating in the maneuvers, the Baltic Sea Fleet said in a statement quoted by the Interfax agency.

“Twenty warships, launches and support vessels of the Baltic Fleet set sail from their permanent bases and entered the designated areas of the Baltic Sea to perform various tasks as part of the training,” points to the note.

The ships participating in the maneuvers will be divided into several tactical groups and conduct anti-submarine and anti-aircraft defense exercises, among others.

Naval maneuvers in the Baltic Sea coincide with other Russian exercises on its western border, which have been described as “worrying” by the West.

Yes, Russia these days transfers military units and equipment to Belarus for participation in the exercises “Allied Determination 2022″, which will take place between February 10 and 20.

These exercises are intended to test the capabilities of the Russian and Belarusian rapid reaction forces at four airfields and five military sites.

On January 20, the Russian Navy announced large-scale exercises throughout the national territory with the participation of more than 140 ships and almost 10,000 soldiers.

Moscow denies that an invasion of Ukraine is being considered and defends its right to carry out maneuvers on its territory and on the margins of the Russia-Belarus State Union, while rejecting that these represent an escalation on the border with the neighboring country.

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