Rosario: Those accused of murdering the 12-year-old boy have been jailed but it is still unclear who killed him

Rosario: Those accused of murdering the 12-year-old boy have been jailed but it is still unclear who killed him

The march of the inhabitants of Los Pumitas after the crime of Máximo.

The bone five arrested for the murder of Máximo Iván Jerez -the 12-year-old boy from the Qom community who was murdered on March 5 in a shootout at a bunker in the settlement of Los Pumitas- were warned in the morning of this Tuesday at the Rosario Criminal Justice Center. Following the accusation of the prosecutor for intentional homicide Adrián Spelta, the criminal judge of first instance Hernán Postma He decided to leave everyone in pretrial detention.

Spelta sat on the bench the brothers Maximiliano Oscar Castillo (24) and Nicolás Ariel Castillo (25), considered the alleged co-authors of the attack which took place this Sunday around 1:30 p.m. These two suspects, according to police investigatorsthat is, they are cousins ​​​​of Alex “Arañita” Ibáñez (22), an inmate of Piñero prison whose cell was requisitioned for this cause.

Ibáñez, according to testimonies that are under investigation, From prison, he leads an alleged drug gang that disputes territory with the organization “Los Salteños”. It is he who, it is presumed, could be behind the instigation of the shooting against the bunker which ended in crime and triggered an institutional crisis which led to a new landing of forces federal. However, for the moment, he is not formally charged.

At Tuesday’s hearing, the prosecutor located Maximiliano Castillo as the driver of the black Honda Civic with tinted windows which was used for the shootout that occurred in Cabal at 1300 bis in which Jerez died and three other miners were injured. Meanwhile, Nicolás was attributed to having been inside the car at the time of the event.

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Maximiliano Castillo, the main detainee
Maximiliano Castillo, the main detainee

The shooting, as investigative sources explained to GlobeLiveMediawas addressed to the households of the Villazón clanwho runs “Los Salteños”, but the shots hit the children who were playing a few meters from these buildings, where drugs were also sold, according to the testimonies of neighbors who mounted a town against the dealers.

Based on the evidence collected during the investigation, at the time of the shooting in the Civic, there were two other suspects. One of them is identified and provided with an arrest warrant. However, for now it is not known who fired the shots.

As part of the criminal plan, according to the prosecutor, Alejandra Fabiana Rodríguez (50) and her children Gustavo Nicolás Borda (22) and Esteban Ezequiel Marengo (30) also participated. This is because at the family home, located in Campodónico at 3200, in the neighborhood of Godoy, the black Honda Civic used in the murderous shooting was removed on Monday of last week.

Key information for the prosecutor is that inside the Civic seized from the home of Rodríguez, Borda and Marengo there were documents proving that the car belonged to the Castillo brothers. And, coincidentally, the Castillo brothers were taken away the key to the vehicle a day later.

Although Rodríguez, Borda and Marengo were awarded the crime of aggravated concealment as co-perpetratorsit is not excluded that they had a higher level of participationsince Alejandra is the wife of Gustavo Marcelo Borda, a prisoner of Piñero who He shares the pavilion with Alex “Arañita” Ibáñez.

Maximo Jerez, the victim
Maximo Jerez, the victim

Borda is 51, a taxi driver and was sentenced last September to 5 years and 6 months in prison for being considered a necessary participant in a homicide that occurred in September 2020 in the West Zone. Quickly, was responsible for transporting hitmen from the alleged Ibáñez gang to carry out the shooting that mistakenly killed 14-year-old Ticiana Esposito that he was shot in the head while washing the dishes in his house, which adjoined the property they intended to attack.

For the investigation opened by the intentional homicide prosecutor Ademar Bianchini for the crime of Ticiana Espósito, Brian Omar Ivarra (27) was also convicted – he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for being considered the perpetrator of the beatings of fire – and Alex Gabriel “Arañita” Ibáñez – 3 years and 6 months for illegal possession of a firearm, which was unified in 4 years for an earlier grief he had.

Joel Ibáñez (32), another cousin of Alex, who is awaiting trial, is also charged in the case of the murder of the teenager.

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