Rosario: The teacher asked them to represent their neighborhood and a 7-year-old student drew a gunman

Rosario: The teacher asked them to represent their neighborhood and a 7-year-old student drew a gunman

Rosario: the teacher asked them to draw their neighborhood and a 7-year-old student surprised by a chilling scene (NA)

Two weeks before the start of classes, and while students are still in the process of diagnosing and revising last year’s subjects, during a Rosario’s teacher it occurred to him to offer his students a recreational activity without imagining the reaction it would provoke in a 7-year-old boy.

The slogan was clear and simple. He asked them to draw the neighborhood where they live taking into account certain elements of the environment that could be used to locate this place.

Using colored pencils, Thiago gave free rein to his imagination but based on real situations he has to face on a daily basis.

He drew a criminal in a black cap pointing a gun at a person. The victim was depicted with her hands raised, as if she was not resisting the attack. However, the student left a chilling message in the drawing: The victim was shot directly in the face.

When the miner arrived home and showed his family what he had done in class, his father was paralyzed and the first thing he did was send a picture of the drawing to his grandfather. , who was in charge of making it go viral.

Although Thiago does not live in the heart of Rosario, which is the area most affected by insecurity and the settling of accounts between drug gangs, with this drawing he made it clear that is aware of the scourge of insecurity.

This is the drawing that the 7-year-old boy made: a thief shoots a man who does not resist the aggression
This is the drawing that the 7-year-old boy made: a thief shoots a man who does not resist the aggression

Juan Manuel, his grandfather, said the boy lives in Capitan Bermudez, a town in the department of San Lorenzo located 15 km north of downtown Rosario and on the west bank of the Paraná River.

“Although my grandson does not live in the risk zone, he is aware of what is happening in his neighborhood,” he said. NT. “It’s something we discuss daily and talk about in every family.he remarked on the growing wave of crime and the violence that drug traffickers wield on their neighbors.

“When my son sent me the drawing, I had a lump in my throat that a little boy portrays that. It cannot be forgotten just like that,” Juan Manuel lamented about the psychological trauma that Thiago may have in the future due to the lack of state policies to end this whole situation.

Although Thiago was not the victim or indirect protagonist of a criminal act, his grandfather said he was very dismayed by what is happening in Rosario: “He drew this because he knows what’s going on.”

Last week, all Argentines were shocked by the 12 year old boy crime who was left in the middle of a shootout. The incident occurred at the intersection of Cabal 1300 bis and San José streets, in Empalme Granero, Rosario, when a group of criminals attacked a house with at least four minors. Three of them were injured and Maximo Jerez lost his life.

The injured were treated at the Northern Zone Children’s Hospital. Among them was a two-year-old girl who was shot in the arm; and two under 13, who were shot in the mouth and chest respectively.

After what happened, neighbors and relatives of Máximo Jerez demolished and looted the house of a suspected drug dealer, who is the one who is terrorizing the whole neighborhood. They took mattresses, plates, taps, furniture, a refrigerator and even a sofa that belongs to the so-called Villazón narco clan, which leads the “Los Salteños” group.

These images were broadcast almost nationwide on all television stations, as was a video released by 19-year-old hitman Uriel Enrique (who already has a warrant for his arrest), where he demanded the return of all stolen property to its owners. . “They send things back where there is lead”, threatened neighbors.

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Concerned by all that is happening in the province of Santa Fe, Juan Manuel recalled that one of his granddaughters had left to live in Spain in search of a better future.

“The boys are going to end up like this. We all want to get away. I’d rather have my granddaughter alive but away”the man consoled himself

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