The candidate for the Presidency of Colombia Rodolfo Hernandez He asked the Justice this Wednesday to clarify the scope of a tutela action (recurso de amparo) that ordered a debate with his rival Gustavo Petro a few days before the elections to be held on Sunday.

That’s how he put it Hernández head of the League of Governors Anti-Corruption movement, in a letter sent to the Superior Court of Bogotá in which he states that the clarifications are required to comply with the ruling.

“I am encouraged to abide by the ruling but as you will be able to observe the three clarifications that I politely demand -as a constitutional right that assists me-, they are aimed at specifying its scope in the face of the obvious gaps it contains”, dice Hernández on your request.

The candidate requests that these petitions “be resolved” before he can “comply with the ruling that is the subject of this clarification.”


One of the points where Hernández asks for clarification is related to the programming of the debate for which the court set the 16th of this month as the maximum date “with the rules and on the issues that they indicate in the request.”

About, Hernández he asks what the court considers to be a “catalogue of rules” and “issues that should be included” in the debate.

“Accepting compliance with the ruling without this essential clarification is something that I am not willing to accept, even at the cost of my own freedom because simply and simply it would be to accept with impunity that the decisions of the judges can decide on the autonomy of will that is a right. of unavoidable application in democracy”he argues.

Hernández also assures that the debate is not mandatoryas argued by the petitioners for the guardianship, because the citizens eligible to vote “learned through all means of information, virtual, face-to-face and other types of publicity, the premises with which each candidate erects his program that has conquered the voluntary decision” .

Likewise, it alleges that the elections, although they will be held next Sunday the 19th, already began last Monday, the day voting was opened in the consulates abroad, and therefore propaganda can no longer be made through the press. , radio and television.


At the request of six citizens, who consider that the debate is essential so that Colombians are informed about the proposals of the candidates before voting, the Superior Court of Bogotá yesterday issued a tutela action that orders Hernández and Petro, of the leftist Historical Pactschedule jointly, no later than this Thursday the 16th, a presidential debate.

According to Hernández“the ruling imposes the unprecedented obligation to violate the capacity and autonomy of the freedom of conscience of each person to decide, to give way to the violation of the human right to be free in their opinions, just because six citizens consider that it should be so ”.

Colombia will celebrate this Sunday the second round of the presidential elections to which Petro and Hernández arrive in a technical tie in the voting intention polls, which anticipates a very close dispute at the polls.

After the first round Hernández announced that he would not participate in debates with his rival due to security reasons and threats against his life, while Petro has stated that he is willing to do so.

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