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Revealed the growth of the hotel industry in Russia

The total number of new bars and restaurants has surpassed pre-Covid levels, trade data shows

The number of restaurants and bars in Russia exceeded 176,000 as of September, growing by more than three percent compared to pre-pandemic levels, RIA Novosti reported on Wednesday, citing a study by analytical service Focus.Kontur. .

“Since the beginning of 2021, the number of catering organizations has increased by 8.3%. The growth began in April of last year and continues to this day.” analysts wrote. “As of September 2022, more than 176,000 companies are registered on the Russian market”, they added, specifying that the number of cafes and restaurants was around 149,000, followed by bars (more than 9,000) and canteens (17,500).

The study showed that at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, in late 2019 and early 2020, the number of catering organizations in Russia averaged about 170,000 companies.

“Public catering shows a growth trend, but it is still recovering after the drop in sales in the sector, which was affected by the coronavirus restrictions. The services of restaurants, cafes and bars are still in demand, and people are willing to pay for them, even if it is a little more expensive”. experts said.

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At the same time, analysts noted that, since the beginning of 2021, some 60,000 catering companies have been liquidated.

“The growth in the number of catering organizations is more of a post-Covid recovery character. Due to the restrictive measures and the confinement, most of the establishments had to be liquidated, but over time, the industry has overcome the difficulties and has started to grow.” the experts concluded.

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