High temperatures will continue until the end of April

Guillermo Baigorria, president of Senamhi, said the high temperatures in Lima will be felt until the end of April. Likewise, he confirmed that until April 25 there will be several peaks of torrential rains on the north coast and in the Peruvian jungle.

Red alert for increased flow in the La Chira River

The Piura region is on permanent alert due to heavy rains. In the last hours, the Chira and Piura rivers have again reached the red hydrological threshold, registering an increase in their flow due to heavy rains, and the authorities of Civil Defense have warned of the possibility of further overflows.

In the case of the Chira River, the National Meteorology and Hydrology Service (Senamhi) reported that the control station established on the Simón Rodríguez Bridge last night recorded a flow of 1,500 cubic meters per second.

“A larger increase is expected due to the intense rainfall that occurred in the Chira Basin,” he warned.

He added that this is in addition to the flow from the Poechos Dam and argued that the potential areas affected by possible overflows would be the populated centers of Miramar, Amotape, San Jorge, Rinconada, Paredones, San Felipe de Vichayal, Las Valencias, Tamarindo, Querecotillo, Vichayal, Salitral, S0jo, Tangarará and Marcavelica.

COER Piura statement on heavy rain

The mayor of Piura asks for help

The mayor of the province of Piura, Gabriel Madrid Oré, has requested immediate support for the cleaning of the Piura river, which is at risk of overflowing due to heavy rains last weekend in the highlands of the region.

He indicated that according to the report ofl National Meteorological and Hydrological Service of Peru (Senamhi) The flow of the river is 1,400 cubic meters per second and according to the hydrologists of Piura, if it reaches 1,800 mm/s, the risk of overflowing the river would be imminent. could overflow.

This is why he said that it was necessary to do immediately clearing works otherwise the historic center of Piura would be flooded again as well as the area of ​​the southern district of the city and Bajo Piura with the damage that this represents.

The mayor also mentioned that Sullana is in danger because the Chira River reached 4,000 mm/s and that the situation in Piura is worrying given that Tambogrande has already been flooded.

On the other hand, the mayor, after questioning the works of the previous municipal management of Piura to reshape the streets of the city “they didn’t even last 6 months”, said that they have already presented a project to recover the Historic center which amounts to 50 million soles.

The mayor of Piura asks for help before the increase in the flow of the Chira River
The mayor of Piura asks for help before the increase in the flow of the Chira River

Tambogrande suffers from the rains

the neighborhood of Tambogrande, in Piura, faced one of the heaviest rainfalls of the rainy season last weekend, affecting the 19 hamlets and 25 settlements located in the said jurisdiction. The Civil Defense of the region evacuated the families who suffered from the floods from their homes, taking them to the municipal theater to locate them later in the conditioned shelters for the victims. So far the fall of 2 houses has been recorded, the same that, thank God, there were no losses to be deplored.

Tambo Grande suffers from the rains
Tambo Grande suffers from the rains

Roads affected by rain

Today April 17, Km 18+500 (Empalme 1B – Buenos Aires Section) and Km 49+500 (Buenos Aires – Piedra Azul Section) are restricted because they were affected by torrential rains.

Morropón district authorities have ordered the closure of the Carrasquillo Bridge to vehicular traffic. At this time of the morning, only pedestrian crossings are authorized. The PNP has preserved order in the region.

The river near Serrán washed away the platform of the Canchaque – Piura highway, in the hamlet of Palo Blanco Alto. Attention carriers, impassable section.

Roads affected by the rains in Piura
Roads affected by the rains in Piura

Current status of the Maray spillway in piura. According to Senamhi’s reports, the Piura river at the height of the Morropón saltpeter bridge reached the red level, passing through Tambogrande (1300 m3/s), it overflowed and flooded the house in Piura street.

Bridge reserved for the passage of vehicles in the area of ​​Piura

Dozens of isolated people

About, 20 people were isolated between the Quemazón River area and La Pareja in the neighborhood of San Juan de Bigote. The district mayor, Victor Jiménez, urgently requests a humanitarian flight, but the response from COER and GORE is that due to weather conditions, no army aircraft can leave.

With the police and the emergency personnel, they are looking for a way to reach the area and rescue these inhabitants who have been isolated for several hours.

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