Quarantine by COVID-19 for Rubio and Hernangómez

Quarantine by COVID-19 for Rubio and Hernangómez

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The Timberwolves they just left the baja injury to their star Karl-Anthony Towns and are now getting into complications with him COVID-19. In addition to the absence of Jake Layman, who had started the season as a starter and is now out after the birth of his son, two more players are added to the inactive list. In this case, the two Spanish. Ricky Rubio and Juancho Hernangómez they will not play until further notice.

The reason of the absence of Ricky and Juancho is the NBA’s action protocol to protect against coronavirus. The follow-up of the contacts makes Hernangómez the one who is, for sure, ten days without action and that Rubio, due to being close to his partner, also has to wait for the results of the medical tests. None, so far, have tested positive.

The progression cutback affects some Wolves that started with two wins and have fallen into the well with a bad game. Only the Pistons, at 2-8, have a worse qualifying result than they.

The moment is, for these two players, especially critical. Ricky Rubio He’s not adjusting well to this second stint at Minny, both with what Saunders asks for and with his association with fellow point guard D’Angelo Russell. Juancho Hernangómez He has become a starter due to Layman’s resignation, but his contribution is not the desired one and his coach was visibly pissed off with him in the last game to date. Both come from enduring harsh criticism from both the press and fans, holding them responsible for part of the failure of these Timberwolves.

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