Putin’s luxurious mansion and other uncovers by the Navalny NGO that has been suspended by Russia

Putin’s Luxurious mansion and other uncovers by the Navalny NGO that has been suspended by Russia

It is a non-profit organization that “investigates, reveals and prevents” The acts of corruption of the bureaucrats russians. That is why the Anti-Corruption Fund is always in the sights of the Kremlin.

Also known as FLC or, in Russian, FBK, the NGO was founded in 2011 by Alexei Navalny, one of the public enemies of the regime of Vladimir Putin.

You are with me or against me.

Since then, hundreds of investigations have been published, examined thousands of public contracts and saved millions of rubles from the national budget.”, Boasts the organization.

The pressure from the authorities grows every year, but we continue to work with the help of our supporters”.

How is it financed?

According to the FLC portal, the organization is supported by donations from “russian citizensWho help them occasionally or regularly.

However, says the NGO, “we are falsely accused of laundering money”That comes from criminal sources, and“receive money from foreigners”.

Since 2019 we have been persecuted by the government”, They sentence.

In this regard, Infobae recalls the case of Alexandr Khomenko, a Ukrainian businessman who, according to Kremlin, financed the FLC.

In fact, at the end of January this year, Russia opened a criminal case for massive fraud.

Later in the middle of this month, “a Moscow court sentenced the jurist to a suspended sentence of one year of community service Liubov Sobol”, Close to Navalny and a lawyer for the FLC.

But the sentence had nothing to do with his work, which has raised suspicions.

Deutsche Welle notes that “was found guilty of burglary with use of violence“, After being arrested”for entering the home of an alleged agent of the Federal Security Service who allegedly participated in the Navalny poisoning operation in August 2020”.

And now, as collected by the portal of the newspaper “Gestión”, “Russian justice ordered the suspension of the activities of the related organizations” a Navalny, “that could be declared ‘extremist’ and permanently banned”.

Vladimir Putin accuses Western countries of using Alexei Navalny to “contain” Russia.

You uncover them

At the end of 2015, the FLC published a documentary in which it accused of “various crimes and machinations against two sons of Attorney General Yuri Chaika”.

“El País” collects that, quickly, the video achieved more than three million productions in fifteen days, and its popularity grew due to the arguments of the general involved “typical of the Cold War“And against”secret services”From the United States.

The documentary reviews the activities of Artiom and Igor Chaika, and alleges that they have acted protected by their father’s subordinates […] to make a fortune, partly through awards in gruesome privatization contests”, Writes the Spanish medium.

In response, General Chaika accused Navalny of “participate in a campaign instigated from abroad to discredit Russia”.

Two years later, the FLC denounced “alleged corrupt activities of the then Prime Minister and former President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev”.

The video had more than 36 million views on You Tube.

In 2019, another report was published in which it concluded “that Russia’s former finance minister Anton Siluanov owned a plot of land”In Rublevka, an elite place on the outskirts of the capital Moscow.

And that, considering your reported income for the last 10 years, you could not possibly afford it”, Notes the Fair Observer portal.

In January this year, the FLC accused Putin of “have an opulent palace on the edge of the Black Sea”.

In a two-hour documentary, a reference was made to a property that would have been financed by people surrounding the president of Russia.

It is not a country house or a cabin or a residence. It is an entire city or, rather, a kingdom. It has unbreakable fences, its own port, guard, chapel, and you cannot fly over it”He said in the video.

According to the BBC, also “features a casino, an underground ice hockey complex, a movie theater, a hookah room, and a vineyard”.

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