The tension between Moscow and Washington has been a recurring theme ever since Joe Biden assumed the presidency of USA. Given this, the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, he mentioned that he will try to “find ways to normalize“The bilateral relations with his US counterpart at the summit to be held on the 16th in Geneva.

We will discuss our bilateral relations. I assume that we must try to find ways to normalize these relationships. Today they are at an incredibly low level, we all know that well”, He stated during the plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The Russian president added that he will also meet with Biden “strategic stability, the normalization of international conflicts in their hottest spots, disarmament processes, the fight against terrorism, the fight against the pandemic and issues of an ecological nature”.

Referring to the US sanctions imposed against Russia, Putin noted that his country “has not imposed any sanction“And has limited himself to answering”when we consider it possible” Y “so that it does not affect us, not to shoot ourselves in the foot”.

For us it is an enigma why the American partners continue to do this, I am convinced that this happens, first of all, under the influence of internal political processes“, He said.

According to Putin, “Russian-American relations are largely held hostage to the internal political process in the United States itself”.

I hope this ends one day and I mean that fundamental interests in areas such as security, strategic stability, and the reduction of weapons dangerous to everyone are definitely more important than the internal political conjuncture of the United States.”, He said.

The president stated that Russia “has no divergences with the US.”, However, “they have only one divergence: they want to contain our development and they say it publicly”.

Everything else is derived from this position, everything, and the economic restrictions, and the attempts to influence the internal political processes of our country through the forces that they consider ‘related’”, He commented.

Putin affirmed that Russia is attentive to what happens in the US, but “we never intrude”.

Although, according to the president, elections and political processes in Russia are constantly criticized, in the US itself “almost half of voters consider the elections to be unfair”.

We did not say that, sociological surveys conducted by their own companies say that.yes, ”he said.

The president referred to the disturbances in the US Congress after the last presidential elections, and although he avoided qualifying these events, he pointed out that it was not simply a matter of “thieves and vandals”.

People came with political demands. It is not true? 450 people were detained, all under criminal charges (…) On what basis? Many were charged with the attempted coup”He recalled.

Putin drew a parallel with the current situation in Belarus and the massive peaceful protests against the president Alexandr Lukashenko, and pointed out that the situation in this country “is valued from one point of view, while in the US the same is seen in another light”.

We must get rid of double standards”, Defended the Russian president.

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