Vladimir Putin is back on TV to talk about Russian culture. In a televised meeting organized by the Kremlin with various exponents of the cultural world, Putin accused the West of wanting to destroy everything that concerns the country: «Today they are trying to erase an entire millenary culture: our people. They are banning writers and books. Now they are trying to obliterate our country. I’m talking about the progressive discrimination of everything that has to do with Russia ».

During his speech, Putin also mentioned JK Rowling , the author of the Harry Potter saga, and the accusations of transphobia that overwhelmed her. Putin said the author was removed from cultural schedules “only because she did not meet the demands of gender rights.” Putin also cited the book burnings organized by the Nazis in the 1930s: «It is impossible to imagine such a thing in our country and we are insured against this thanks to our culture. And for us it is inseparable from our motherland, from Russia, where there is no place for ethnic intolerance, where representatives of dozens of ethnic groups have coexisted for centuries.

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