Putin and Díaz-Canel inaugurate a statue of Fidel Castro in Moscow

Putin and Díaz-Canel inaugurate a statue of Fidel Castro in Moscow

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putinand his counterpart from Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canelhave inaugurated this Tuesday in Moscow a statue in honor of the deceased Cuban leader Fidel Castrowithin a visit with which both countries have demonstrated their good political harmony and have laid the foundations to continue strengthening economic ties.

During the ceremony, as reported by Europa Press, a bronze statue next to Putin y Diaz-Canel they have deposited an offering of flowers. The Russian president recalled the “hours of talks” with Castrowhom he has once again praised as a world reference.

“He said that each country had the right to develop freely, to choose its path, and that dictatorships, looting and neocolonialism have no place in a just world,” Putin said, according to the TASS news agency.

The President of Russia has advocated continue collaborating with Cuba to “defend the great values ​​of equality, equity and justice”, now together with a Díaz-Canel who has also taken the opportunity to recall Fidel Castro’s historical ties with his Soviet contemporaries.

The current Cuban president has advocated for “deepening relations” with Russia despite the “difficulties”. Thus, he has called for increased investment, in a series of meetings that have also included meetings with the patriarch Kirill or the former president Dmitry Medvedev.

The Cuban government has criticized in recent months the sanctions imposed by the international community against Russian authorities and companies and, in general terms, it adheres to Moscow’s discourse on the military offensive launched on Ukrainian territory.

Diaz-Canel assured the Russian leader on Tuesday that his country and Russia have the same enemy, “the Yankee empire.”

“Both Russia and Cuba are subject to sanctions (…) that come from and have their origin in the same enemy, the Yankee empirewhich has also manipulated an important part of the world,” Díaz-Canel assured at the beginning of the meeting with his Russian colleague in the Kremlin, according to EFE.

“Our The first commitment has been to continue defending the position of the Russian Federation in this conflict which, we understand, has been created and has its origin unfortunately manipulated by the Government of the United States before international public opinion”, he commented.

For this reason, to avoid manipulations, he called for spreading the speech that Putin spoke in September when he annexed four Ukrainian regionswhich he considered “a very well structured thought”.

“You had been alerting the world for a long time that it was inadmissible NATO’s advance towards the Russian borders. The United States manipulated that situation, tried to find in war, as it always does in extraterritorial wars (…), the possibility of emerging as the great problem solver, ”he pointed out.

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