Protest against anticovid rules in New Zealand grows after police action

Protest against anticovid rules in New Zealand grows after police action

The protest in front of the New Zealand Parliament grew this Friday after the violent clashes the day before between the police and protesters against health restrictions due to the pandemic.

A festive atmosphere prevailed in the mobilization in the center of Wellington where protesters have set up a makeshift “Freedom Camp”, with music and dancing, while police watched from barricades.

Although the area is sealed and in theory closed to the public, the number of protesters grew from around 250 to around 1,500 in the night from Thursday to Friday.

Violent clashes broke out the day before when some officers tried to evacuate the protest, detaining 122 people and using pepper spray.

Protesters have been camped out outside Parliament for four days in a protest inspired by the trucker-led “Freedom Convoy” in Canada that has brought downtown Ottawa to a standstill and blocked three border crossings with the United States.

A protester named Carrie, who declined to give her last name, said activists remained committed to their goal of ending mandatory vaccinations for health, law enforcement, education or defense workers.

“The way the police treated us shocked us all… What they did yesterday was beyond any expectation. Brutal, absolutely brutal,” he told AFP.

In addition to the obligation imposed on some professional sectors, New Zealand applies a vaccination certificate to enter restaurants, sporting events or religious services.

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