Prince Andrew faces a civil lawsuit in the US for sexual assault

Prince Andrew faces a civil lawsuit in the US for sexual assault

Prince Andrew is once again the center of a sexual scandal after the civil lawsuit filed in the US by an alleged victim, Virginia Giuffre, who accuses him of having abused her when she was a minor old, despite the fact that the son of Queen Elizabeth II has denied such allegations.

Giuffre, who repeatedly accused the prince of sexually assaulting her when she was 17, has gone a step further in her confrontation with the Duke of York by filing the lawsuit in New York under the Juvenile Victims Act of that city.

The 38-year-old woman alleges that Elizabeth II’s son abused her without her consent and that even he was aware that she was a victim of the sex trafficking ring of Jeffrey Epstein, convicted in the United States of sexual abuse before committing suicide in 2019.


Prince Andrew has not yet ruled on the lawsuit filed yesterday by Giuffre, but in 2019 he gave an interview to the BBC in which he categorically denied knowing this woman or having had sex with her, despite a photo in which the two appear has been published in the press.

“I do not remember at all having met with that lady, absolutely nothing,” the duke said to the BBC.

However, the prince acknowledged that it was a mistake to have socialized with Epstein, who was a partner of Ghislaine Maxwell, a close friend of the Duke of York and who is currently accused in the United States of conspiring with the businessman to abuse several minors.

The prince admitted in his day to have stayed several times in the residences of Epstein in the United States but said that he never suspected that there was inappropriate behavior on the part of the businessman.


In the lawsuit, reported by the US media, it is noted that Giuffre suffered “significant psychological and emotional anguish” when she was forced to maintain intimate relationships with the prince in London and New York.

“In this country (USA), no person, whether president or prince, is above the law and no person, regardless of whether he is powerless or vulnerable, can be deprived of the protection of the law “says the lawsuit.

“Twenty years ago, the well-being, power, position and ties of Prince Andrew allowed him to abuse a scared, vulnerable girl, with no one to protect her,” he adds.

In 2019, Giuffre had assured that, after being presented by Epstein to the Duke of York, the latter forced her to have sex three times between 1999 and 2002, when she was a minor, something that II’s son has flatly denied.

Giuffre also admitted that it was not easy to make the decision to file the lawsuit, due to her responsibilities as a mother.

“But he knew that if he did not take this action, he would disappoint them and all the victims,” ​​he added.


The scandal that has caused this case led Prince Andrés to communicate in November 2019 that he was withdrawing from public life for an indeterminate period to avoid damaging the image of the monarchy and the organizations with which he collaborated.

Andrés was also forced to withdraw from public functions after several organizations with which he was linked decided in 2019 to distance themselves from him.

The last time the Duke of York was seen in public was last April at the funeral of his father, the Duke of Edinburgh, held at Windsor Castle outside London.

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