PRI in San Lazaro demanded the resignation of Florencia Serrania

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Florencia Serranía has been one of the main victims in the crisis of the CDMX Metro (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The deputies of the opposition PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) demanded this Sunday the government of Mexico City to dismiss the Director of the Collective Transport System (STC) Metro, Florencia Serranía, after a fire in the facilities of the same that left one dead, dozens of injuries and six lines without service temporarily.

The PRI assured that Its demand is based on the “proven incompetence” of Serranía “in the face of the recurring failures that this means of transport has presented in the last two years”, such as the one that caused the fire of the Metro Control Center on January 9, which resulted in the impossibility of operating on six lines, which have been reestablished in recent days.

Legislators They also requested that the authorities present a comprehensive report on the current status of the Metro facilities, as well as that the Ministry of Finance, in coordination with the capital government, design a short-term investment plan, in order to allocate sufficient resources to the integral conservation of the network.

The PRI qualified as "incompetent" Serranía's work at the head of the Metro (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
The PRI described as “incompetent” the work of Serranía in front of the Metro (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

And is that the fire temporarily left six of the 12 lines in total without service, affecting millions of users in the center, north and northeast of the city. Last week, the authorities were able to reactivate the activities of lines 4, 5 and 6 of the STC Metro.

However, lines 1, 2 and 3, all of them the most used by users still out of service. This Sunday also, the head of government of the capital, Claudia Sheinbaum, announced with Serranía that line 1 will return to service on January 25. Lines 2 and 3 will return in the first weeks of February, after construction of the Emerging Control Center was completed.

The questions towards the current capital administration, as well as its predecessors, have grown in recent days. And it is that service workers have indicated that Adequate maintenance has not been carried out on already old facilities: the capital’s Metro operates with facilities from 50 years ago.

The fire in the Metro command center temporarily left six of the 12 STC lines without service (Photo: Especial / Cuartoscuro)
The fire in the Metro command center temporarily left six of the 12 STC lines without service (Photo: Especial / Cuartoscuro)

In addition, the restoration of activities in three of the six affected lines has been carried out provisionally, since the affected control center was totally destroyed by the fire. The reactivation of the remaining lines would be the same way.

This It is not the first time that the Metro has suffered serious problems that have resulted in deaths during the Sheinbaum government. In March 2020 a spectacular collision between two trains at Tacubaya station, also from the STC, where one person lost his life. At that time, the Prosecutor’s Office of the capital determined that it had been human errors.

“Some events have left catastrophic numbers of people injured and others dead. Similarly, In the past, there have been other accidents related to the electrical installation of the command centers, the wiring in the stations, or even the operation of accessories such as escalators, “recalled PRI legislators in San Lázaro.

The PAN criminally denounced Sheinbaum and Serranía last week for the fire of the CDMX Metro (Photo: Courtesy PAN CDMX)
The PAN criminally denounced Sheinbaum and Serranía last week for the fire of the CDMX Metro (Photo: Courtesy PAN CDMX)

“We believe that during periods such as the one we are going through, of high sensitivity and requirement of the institutions to generate conditions of certainty, it is essential that decision-makers and managers of public entities guarantee the safety of citizens “, they ended.

Criticism of the opposition against the work of Serranía under the government of Sheinbaum, which won the 2018 elections with Brunette, the party of the country’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, they have not only remained in the demands.

Just last Thursday, the also opposition PAN (National Action Party) criminally denounced Sheinbaum and Serranía for facts presumably constituting a crime such as homicide, illegal exercise and abandonment of public service, illegal use of attributions and powers, denial of public service, damages and the resulting ones.


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