President Iván Duqué officially opened the election day on May 29

President Iván Duqué officially opened the election day on May 29

With an invitation to Colombians to vote with “enthusiasm, joy, without hatred, without prejudice, without bias”, the President of the Republic, Iván Duque, opened the electoral day this morning during which they will vote, in the first round, for elect president and vice president of Colombia.

“Today we participate in a new democratic day” assured the president, who again stressed that Colombia is one of the oldest democracies on the continent.

For his part, the registered Alexánder Vega assured that the day begins with total normality throughout the country and highlighted that a total of 167 thousand electoral witnesses were registered, who will be at 95% of the tables in the country and announced that the Results will be known before 8 p.m.

This Sunday, May 29, Colombians will vote to select the presidency and vice-presidency, on a day marked by calls for change and deep division. The event will be opened by President Iván Duque and the national registrar, Alexander Vega.

From 8 am the 39,002,239 citizens who are authorized to exercise their right to vote, As reported by the General Registry of the Nation, they can go to the polls throughout the national territory to elect their candidates in the first round.

In the 102,152 tables that were installed in the country for this day, and which are distributed in 12,513 voting stations, citizens will be able to choose between six candidates and their vice-presidential formulas.

The candidates that will appear on the presidential ticket are the left-wing senator Gustavo Petro, the former mayor of Antioquia Federico Gutiérrez, the former mayor of Bucaramanga Rodolfo Hernández and the former governor of Antioquia Sergio Fajardo, as well as the independent candidates Enrique Gómez and John Milton Rodríguez. Ingrid Betancourt and Luis Pérez will also appear, although they have already renounced their candidacies.

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