Alias ​​’Carrascal’ was arrested in a shopping center in Rionegro, Antioquia, by Dijín

The Police  gave a new blow against crime by reporting that they captured a sixth alleged implicated in the attack by the FARC  dissidents that occurred on December 14 at the  Camilo Daza Airport in Cúcuta , which left a balance of three people dead. , including two expert anti-explosive agents from the institution.

According to the official statement, Alias ​​”Carrascal” was detained in a shopping center in Rionegro, Antioquia, by members of the Dijin and, immediately, prosecuted for crimes such as terrorism, aggravated homicide, attempted murder, as well as manufacturing or carrying illegal weapons and ammunition .

General Jorge Luis Vargas confirmed the arrest and stressed that “The evidence is overwhelming. They will have to answer for the death of two policemen, in addition to the plans that they were going to develop in that city ”, in relation to the six allegedly implicated in the acts of violence that occurred in Cúcuta.

These were presented to a guarantee control judge by the Attorney General’s Office, who is credited with having traveled from Medellín to Cúcuta to define the logistics, preparation and activation of the explosive devices of this attack .

The accusing body reported that the defendants were identified as Sebastián Moreno Maya, alias Sebas; and his sentimental partner Nayibe Alexandra Londoño Carrillo; Adrián Kaled Guzmán, Yuly Mileidy Mazo and Diego Felipe Maya González.

The events occurred on December 14 between 5:45 am and 6:15 am “This morning, at 5:45 am, an individual who was carrying an explosive device tried to cross the airport gate and in that attempt the device exploded and it affected himself.  He was a bandit who had a terrorist intention against one of the assets at the airport (…) At the border we have dissidents from the FARC and the ELN that commit crimes in Venezuela. We have fought them forcefully , “said the same official in a dialogue with the BluRadio station.

“This morning, at the Cúcuta airport, a man who was carrying an explosive device in a briefcase, tried to jump the security mesh, but when he failed, he fell on the bomb, it exploded and dismembered the terrorist  (…) Police arrived and found another briefcase next to the dismembered body in which there was another explosive, which was the one that apparently ended the lives of the two agents, ” Molano added in an interview with Semana magazine.

The police officers who lost their lives, according to what President Iván Duque highlighted in his message of condolences, had recently been recognized for their work.

The two had been nominated for the Heroism category for their “tireless work to free Norte de Santander and the Catatumbo region from antipersonnel mines.”

This was reported by the head of state on his Twitter account. “To their families, all the solidarity,” he emphasized. The nomination of the uniformed men referred to by the president was included in the scheduled ‘ Night of Police Excellence’ this year.

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