Grupo Firme’s concerts at CDMX were filled with shots of whiskey and a series of surprises (Photo: César Vicuña for Ocesa)

March 10 and 11 business group delighted thousands of city dwellers who attended a few concerts as part of the “Enfiestados y Amanecidos” tour. The place that opened the doors to the Mexican regional group was the sun forumwhere more than a thousand police officers from Mexico City were deployed to ensure the safety of the participants.

And it is that beyond the songs and the show, it is usually very common that before the musical presentations some people are dedicated to reselling tickets to fans who had no more tickets. But sometimes, not only the entrance tickets are offered, since the concerts are also accompanied by the use of illicit substances.

Thus, during the operations carried out over the weekend, the authorities of the capital succeeded in arresting three young people who were at one of the entrances to Foro Sol, who had several doses of cocaine and more than 100 thousand pesos in cash.

The actions were carried out thanks toMolly“, nail little dog of the Canine Cell of the Banking and Industrial Police (PBI). Together with their dog handler, they made visits to one of the access points of the complex located in the neighborhood of Granjas México, the office of the mayor of Iztacalco. When the specimen approached three peopleHe suddenly changed his behavior.

The detainees were a minor under the age of 17, as well as two young people aged 18 and 19 (Picture: Special)
The detainees were a minor under the age of 17, as well as two young people aged 18 and 19 (Picture: Special)

As part of the protocols, the three youngsters were taken to a safe zone and carried out a preventive examination, after which they found half a dozen packages of cocaine -whose exact weight and quantity have not been disclosed- that it is presumed that they were going to offer to the participants of the Grupo Firme concert.

During this work, they also found 128 thousand pesos in cash, which were made available to the public prosecutor along with the insured drug. As for the young people, it was reported that they were a minor under the age of 17 and a couple of companions aged 18 and 19 respectively, whose identity was kept confidential.

According to reports from the Citizen Security Secretariat (SSC), the three subjects “intended to enter” the Forum Sol, although not necessarily to see singer Eduin Caz and the rest of the band, but to sell the drugs they had.

This work was part of the security system in which they participated 1,947 CDMX police officers, They were deployed in the Granjas México neighborhood on the occasion of the shows offered by Grupo Firme, known for its covers of other groups and for its compositions on experiences of grief.

The Mexican regional group formed in 2013 in Tijuana became the only one to have performed seven concerts at Foro Sol, which was undoubtedly a historical record for Grupo Firme. “Mijo, don’t stop dreaming that I’ll be with you through thick and thin,” said the band’s producer, Isael Gutiérrez, in celebration.

The nights passed between shots of whiskey and a series of surprises, as the participation of the hug, who appeared in front of the thousands of attendees as a guest. With the Caz brothers he played You were mistaken, Already there I know you will rememberone of the band’s most successful songs Tijuana.

Other notable guests were Eric Aragon (with whom they sang Coveted); Remy Valenzuela (who accompanied them in the interpretation of Nadie and Porque te quiero), as well as El Yaki, who sang I miss you more and more. It should be noted that these concerts had to be postponed due to the operation which Eduin Caz had to undergo due to respiratory problems.

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