Pablo Echarri’s comment about the crash that Dipy starred in a car race and the musician’s harsh response

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Late last year Adrián David Martínez, popularly known as El Dipy, returned to one of his first loves: motor racing. The singer started running in the T categoryop Race Junior and yesterday, in a race that was held in Paraná, he starred in an accident that involved several vehicles. None of the pilots suffered major injuries.

The shock was after Carlos Guttlein and El Dipy brushed against each other at the first corner after the start and immediately other cars, driven by Alexis Tomada, Héctor Mercado and Alexis May joined the collision. “I’m perfect. The accident is caused because the boy closes up and collides with me and leaves. It’s not my car (the one that tips over). Nothing happened to me. I was not scared, I did not find out about the accident. I have nothing, the car is healthy and nothing happened to me, what happens is that that touch generated the accident ”, said the singer in dialogue with Teleshow.

Dipy’s crash in Top Race

Hours later and after the media echoed the mishap on the track, Pablo Echarri, with whom the ex of Mariana Diarco crossed repeatedly due to his opposite political opinions, referred to the issue on his social networks. “Drive how you speak”the actor wrote on his Twitter account along with the video of the accident.


The musician used the same social network to answer: “How is the traitor of friends doing? Imagine that he handles how you act, he would not handle the supermarket cart. That is all cleared up. Now that you’re here, is the pharmacy okay? Laburando? You are dirtier than a potato. I float more things and it’s going to get complicated for you. You know it, do not you? Besi “.


In dialogue with TeleshowHe added about the actor: “They have nothing to give me with, what to throw at me. They are like that, they would have loved that we had all killed each other, and that I would have been the culprit. They are like that, the country is the other, but if the other is theirs.

When asked if he regretted having expressed his opinions publicly, since now even his sporting activity can be transferred to the political sphere, he said no: “Not at all, I was born screaming, see if I’m going to shut up at 43 ”.

After the accident, the singer showed the messages that lAnd he sent Guttlein’s daughter, one of the drivers involved and the owner of the car he was driving: “The Dipy didn’t act mean. They are races, they are irons and these things happen. They are all fine and that is the important thing. My family came out to defend Dipy, I’m not hot, it bothers me that there are people who speak without knowing. To raise your head and fight to get to the next date, that’s the attitude ”.

Martínez posted a video in which he explains the details of the incident: “I’m fine, nothing ever happened to me, the car is healthy. The cars are very safe, they are all fine. The maneuver: we leave, the one in front stays a bit so I pass it inside and with whom we had the touch it opens outside, when it goes down, I lift my foot off the gas twice, but those behind were also coming, we all go fast . If he hit the brake we would all hit each other and it was a worse disaster. I don’t realize what had happened ”.

The Dipy explained how the accident was

Then his team manager explains what happened: “They put up a red flag and told me that they capsized, that what had happened was shocking and tremendous. I was unleashed because I wanted to know how they were, they are friends, we talk every day. I went to see how they were and they said fine. May, the one who overturned is my friend, they took him to the hospital for a check-up that went well and I took my camera so they could see it. With the camera I show that there is no intention ”.

Camera aboard El Dipy, which was excluded

“I tell the keyboard pilots that we are 22 people who are going at more than two hundred per hour, that we want to win but that nobody wants this to happen. If they know more than the pilots and the sports commissioner who said there was no fault … on camera on board, see what happens. I send a hug to all my colleagues, the most beautiful thing was seeing their messages ”, added.

Alexis May, on the accident with the Dipy

This Monday, he also shared a video of Alexis May: “I want to thank everyone who took care of me, I’m fine. I have a broken clavicle and I want to thank the medical attention received. Also send a hug to my friend Dipy, let him stay calm that it was not his fault ”.


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