One in 3 Swiss contracted the coronavirus, according to serological studies

One in 3 Swiss contracted the coronavirus, according to serological studies

Although the official figures only speak of 643,000 infections of coronavirus on SwissSerological studies carried out in the country indicate that the real number of people who contracted the coronavirus in 2020 or 2021 would exceed 2.8 million, almost a third of the national population, said the Swiss public health today.

Sources from the Federal Office of Public Health confirmed these figures on RTS television today, which initially appeared in the local newspaper NZZ, and indicated that already in November 2020 it was estimated that 20% of the population had been infected, so a An additional 10% could have done it in the last half year.

Many of those infected, as has happened in other countries, contracted the coronavirus without being aware of it because they developed mild symptoms or none at all, which did not enter the official statistics.

The federal office added today that for now it has not decided whether to establish a vaccination certificate against covid-19 to give it access to certain places or public events, something that was originally scheduled to start in June.

The Central European country has administered just over two million vaccines in the country, or about 26 per 100 inhabitants, a rate somewhat lower than the average for the European Union or countries such as France, Italy, Germany or Spain.

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