One person died and seventeen were injured of varying degrees during the Medusa Festival in Cullera (Valencia) after several structures and parts of the main stage fell due to strong gusts of wind.

The organization of the Festival has issued a statement informing that, after the inclement weather that occurred this morning, they have vacated the venue as a preventive measure, with the aim of guaranteeing the safety of the attendees, and the activity is “temporarily suspended” .

Sources from the emergency services informed Efe that one person had died, three had suffered polytrauma injuries and another 14 minor bruises, and indicated that around forty people had been evacuated.

The Festival, which expected to gather some 320,000 people until Sunday, began its official electronic music program on Friday.

Around four in the morning, strong gusts of wind caused several structures to fall, including the large sign at the main entrance, and parts of the stages, some of which collapsed on the public.

According to the State Meteorological Agency, during the early morning there have been “warm outbursts” with very strong gusts of wind and sudden rises in temperature.

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