North Korea threatens to launch nuclear weapons in case of attack

North Korea threatens to launch nuclear weapons in case of attack

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warned that if “enemies” continue to threaten your country and resort to nuclear attack, your country will respond in kind.

KCNA, a local news agency mentions that the leader of the North Korean nation has been requesting the continuous reinforcement of this type of weaponry, as well as the stimulation of the nuclear industry.

Jong Un has justified the importance of reinforcing his weapons of this nature arguing the “recent dangerous situation” that is currently being experienced in the face of alleged military threats from the United States and other hostile forces.

These statements come after launches of ballistic missiles into the Sea of ​​​​Japan will be carried out for 2 consecutive days, this after having warned the United States that it would take “more fierce” military action. if they continued their armed activity together with Seoul and Tokyo.

Also reported was the test of a new intercontinental ballistic missile carried out last Thursday, which is part of the defense construction strategy, which “constitutes a priority for the country within the framework of nuclear deterrence.”

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