North Korea fired an “unidentified projectile” this Thursday (03.24.2022), the South Korean army said, in what would be the latest in a series of weapons tests by this nuclear-capable country.

“North Korea fired an unidentified projectile in an easterly direction,” Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement.

In turn, the Japanese coast guard issued an emergency warning to ships about a “potential ballistic missile possibly launched from North Korea.” Shortly after, he noted that the projectile fell 170 km from the coast of Japan.

Pyongyang has adhered to its moratorium on intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and nuclear weapons testing, adopted at the start of a high-level diplomatic effort in 2018 with then-US President Donald Trump.

But the talks have collapsed and diplomatic efforts are stalled, despite attempts by the government of current President Joe Biden to resume negotiations.

Pyongyang began suggesting in January that it might end the moratorium and has conducted a record number of weapons tests this year, including with hypersonic and medium-range ballistic missiles.

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