Norma Lizbeth died after a fight with a partner. The school principal was fired (Twitter/@FernandoCruzFr7)

Norma Lizbeth Ramosa 14-year-old student, died some time after a cheerleader cwith a partner who would have done it intimidation. On March 16, it turned out that the School principal where he studied was fired of the accusation.

The director of the Secondary Appendix to Normal 0518 situated at Teotihuacan, State of Mexico (Edomex), will leave office by agreement between the school authorities and Norma Lizbeth’s family, according to journalist Azucena Uresti.

The dismissal was announced after a blockade on the Mexico-Pirámides highwayaccess to the archaeological area of ​​Teotihuacán and a demonstration in front of the school where the young woman studied.

Norma Lizbeth, victim of bullying, died on March 13 (Special)
Norma Lizbeth, victim of bullying, died on March 13 (Special)

The demonstrators named the head of the school as one of those responsible for the event for not having intervened before the bullying at school, so they displayed banners with phrases such as “justice for Norma Lizbeth Where was the director?” and they demanded that he attend to them to the repeated cry of “Get out!”, as they knocked insistently on the doors.

And it is that relatives claimed that the young woman was suffering intimidation for months and therefore no longer wanted to go to school. Her stalker challenged her to a struggleto which she consented in an attempt to stop the attacks on her.

His sister mentioned that the bullying came not only from the classmate he had a fight with, but also from other students.

“She went to the place because she didn’t want to be laughed at anymore and that’s why she agreed to go to the place where the events happened and they still put my sister next to. In fact, the other colleagues were bullying her as well,” the woman said in an interview with local media. Informative Wind.

Relatives of Norma Lizbeth have revealed she was bullied (File)
Relatives of Norma Lizbeth have revealed she was bullied (File)

The confrontation occurred on February 21 under the eyes of students What between two laughs, they recorded part of the event. In the video circulating on social networks you can see that Norma received several blows to the head while his companions laughed and encouraged the situation. After the end of the fight with the swollen face and bleeding nose.

An X-ray revealed that he had the broken noseda and, at first, it seemed like he was the only one who suffered in the fight; however, he began to have nausea there fainted several times until finally on March 13 he died.

The cause of death was head trauma, an injury that can derive from a violent shock to the skull and which involves a sudden movement of the encephalic mass. The young woman was buried on the afternoon of March 15 in the community cemetery. During the wake, her family expressed their indignation against the school principal for not having intervened in the face of the bullying of which she was victim.

On social networks, the incident aroused the indignation of citizens, who considered that the director is not solely responsible for the death of Norma, but rather the attacker and the witnesses of the fight who did not have nothing to stop the attack.

The young woman was buried in the afternoon of March 15, 2023 (Special)
The young woman was buried in the afternoon of March 15, 2023 (Special)

Among the comments are some such as: “And punishment for the girl who beat her classmate to death?”, “The beating girl is bad, but even worse the students who laugh, what values ​​are instilled in them at the home?” or “Parents and daughter should go to jail. Education and values ​​are instilled in the home.

So far, the Mexico State Attorney General’s Office (FGJEM) has not issued a position about the fact. It has been unofficially indicated that they are already working on integrating a search folder.

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