The young woman was buried in the afternoon of March 15, 2023. (Special)

Norma Lizbeth Ramos14 years old, was a third-year student at Lycée n° 518 Annexe à la Normale de Teotihuacan, State of Mexicolocated in the community of San Juan Teotihuacán, in the area of ​​the pyramids.

On campus, according to her family’s accounts, she was constantly harassed by her classmates. He intimidation received reached such a point that Norma no longer wanted to return to the establishment.

He the 21st of February of 2023, another student called her in for a punch fight before starting classes for the afternoon shift. Norma agreed to attend the confrontation, as she intended to put an end, once and for all, to the bullying of which she was the victim.

That day, several students reached the point where Norma and her partner, whose identity has been kept secret, started the fight. Footage circulated on social media that showed seconds of the fight.

Norma's funeral was held at her home.  (Special)
Norma’s funeral was held at her home. (Special)

The other youngsters confined themselves to registering the blows, laughing and making noise, but no one tried to separate them. According to reports from The universal, the fight ended when a local police patrol arrived. When the situation calmed down, neighbors helped Norma wipe the blood from her nose. A few minutes later, elements of Civil protection.

After an initial examination, the medical staff decided to take an x-ray of the young woman, which revealed that he had his nose broken. Norma and her partner were penalized by campus authorities and sentenced to one month probation. It was also decided that the medical costs would be covered, in equal parts, by the families of the students.

Norma Lizbeth stayed home for weeks after the fight. At first glance, it looked like the only damage he suffered was the broken nose.

However, according to the testimonies of Alma Delia Ramos —Norma’s older sister— In early March, her health deteriorated, she began to feel nauseous and passed out several times. The aftermath of the fight continued until, finally, the miner passed out and didn’t wake up again.

Norma’s death certificate says the young woman died on Monday afternoon March 13 because of a head trauma. This brain dysfunction is usually caused by a violent blow to the head. The movement, being so sudden, can cause the brain mass to bounce off the skull and sustain injury, including ruptured blood vessels.

Norma Lizbeth was veiled at home and buried the afternoon of March 15 in the community pantheon. His family accused the school authorities of minimizing the bullying suffered by the student and failing to take action to deal with it.

In an interview for The conferenceAlma Delia explained that Norma “went to the place (of the fight) because she didn’t want to be laughed at anymore and that’s why she agreed to go to the place where events unfolded, because according to her (the partner who bullied her) was a coward because she didn’t want to fight, because she was never going to have any friends and they always pushed her aside.

In the same way, she denounced that the harassment was not perpetrated only by the other student, but that “the men too, it was a very ugly harassment that they did to him (…) She didn’t want to go back to school anymore.. I always supported her, I went where I had to go and I will do him justice. Wherever she is, may she be happy because no one else is going to hurt her,” said the young woman.

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