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New sentence is issued against former Ecuadorian Vice President

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Globe Live Media, Monday, January 25, 2021

The Ecuadorian National Court of Justice sentenced former Vice President Jorge Glas and two former ministers of the past Rafael Correa administration to eight years in prison, accused of corruption in the concession of an oil field in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

It is the third sentence for corruption received by Glas, who this time they point to as co-author of the irregular concession of the Singue oil field, which in the judgment of the judges caused a loss to the State of 28.4 million dollars.

Together with the former vice president (2013-2017), the former energy ministers, Carlos Pareja, in prison, and Wilson Pastor, and the businessman César Guerra received the same penalty. Three other officials were sentenced to four years in prison.

After Correa left power in May 2017, allegations of corruption multiplied involving the same ex-president who lives in Belgium, sentenced to prison by justice, and many of his highest officials of his government, some of the which are in prison, others in hiding or on the run in the United States or Europe.

Previously, Glas received a sentence of six years for illicit association in the Odebrecht case and eight years for the crime of bribery in a plot of bribes to businessmen in exchange for large public works.

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