Lucas Benvenuto’s new audios

After twelve days at Madrid Spain, where he went after being publicly exposed by Lucas Benvenuto, who accused him of sexual abuse. Mammon’s Property He returned to Argentina: “I came back because it’s my country, because I’m going home. I was away for a few days, I went to relax a bit and now I’m back, ”he assured the request of the columnists who approached him in Ezeiza. He even explained that in this country “Argentines treat me with a lot of love”.

In this context, in the cycle show partnersThey released new audios which Lucas sent to the musician and the driver. “Oops, holy shit, I’m dumber too, and you’re danglier too, Jey.” I just read, what an idiot I am. It doesn’t matter anyway, I have all the nights free for you”, we heard in the message of the young man.

Lucas Benvenuto’s new audios

“I respect you for the ChampagneI don’t know if I should go see the play, because, everything is fine, but I’m not a theater fan, but I’m a fan of you, don’t forget that I’m your first admirer, huh. Since the GH parties, how was it? Even I forget the names of the parties you threw. Anyway, I want to go see you, that’s what I love the most, and I would like to see you in action, I want to see you doing what you love the most, ”Benvenuto continued in the audio released on the El Trece program.

Then he started asking for more details on how to get the tickets so he could see him on stage: “I want you to tell me how to do it. If I have to go get the ticket, I’ll get it no problem. And if not, if Jey pulls me closer so I can see you, great. Otherwise, I have no problem, I will go and remove it, but I want to see you”. The audio is from the year 2016, when the actor was part of the play Champagne makes them mimosas.

“Champagne makes them mimosas” in its 2016 version. with Jey Mammon (Verónica Guerman / Teleshow)

Who brought up the subject was Virginia Gallardo, partner in this cast of the comedian and current panelist of the cycle where the audio was broadcast on the air. “Professionally, I have nothing to say about Jey, and if someone doesn’t give you the opportunity to ask about his private life, I don’t,” she explained of what happened. was going on at that time and about the situation that is happening these days. , clarified: “If I want to keep something, it’s not what the teenager does in front of a minor, but how the adult reacts to it.”

Then another audio of the young man sent to Jey was released at the time: “Obviously we’ll see each other first, obviously, obviously…I don’t want to leave straight without seeing you first.” And yes, I think the two of us already have a habit of hanging each other, I think that’s why what happens to us happens to us. I think we’re both a bit hooked and we understand each other. Jey, I want to see you first, of course. AND I want to fill you with kisses and I want to make love to you and I want you to give me my channel and I want to go see you at the theater, I want to go see you doing what you love the most”.

The conversation between Lucas Benvenuto and Jey Mammon shared by Show Partners
The conversation between Lucas Benvenuto and Jey Mammon shared by Show Partners

Even, amid speculation on what steps to take regarding this issue, the actor also shared a screenshot of a conversation with Benvenuto where the young man himself clarified that at the time of their meeting, he was 16, one of the central issues in the complaint, after justice had already delivered its verdict at the time. “My life has changed a lot, I’m not 16 anymore like when you met me. It’s changed everything, beautiful. Hahahaha I’m 23!!” reads the shared message.

If you are a victim of domestic or sexual violence, or if you know someone who is a victim, call the line 137. It is free, national and provides support, assistance and accompaniment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year .

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