NATO advises that the Russians will “peligrosately” bring the books of the Alliance

NATO advises that the Russians will “peligrosately” bring the books of the Alliance

NATO has warned that the Russians will attack on Thursday of this week the Alliance’s boats in the Baltic Sea, in a “peligrous and unprofessional” manner.

The Russian planes approached the boats at an altitude of 300 feet (91 meters) and a distance of 80 yards (73 meters) without their pilots responding to the communications, indicated the Atlantic Alliance in a communiqué.

“In the morning of November 17, two Russian combat aircraft approached in a less safe and less professional manner to the Permanent Maritime Group of the NATO 1 (SNMG1), which carries out routine operations in the Baltic Sea”, explained the communiqué.

“The Russian pilots did not respond to the permanent advisory communications of the allied forces and flew at an altitude of 300 feet and a distance of 80 yards”, he added.

The NATO classifies this “interaction” as “unsafe and unprofessional carried out in a known danger zone”, which has been activated for air defense training, “due to the altitude and proximity of the aircraft”.

The incident “increased the risk of calculation errors, errors and accidents”, added the Alliance.

“The forces of the NATO act in a responsible manner, carrying out their mission, in full compliance with international air and maritime norms”, said the communiqué.

The Alliance warns that “will respond appropriately to any interference with the legal activity of the NATO in the area that may endanger the security of our aircrafts, boats or their crews”.

Precisely that “does not seek confrontation and does not represent any threat”.

Melissa Galbraith
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