National strike in Colombia: blockades are reported in various parts of Bogotá

National strike in Colombia: blockades are reported in various parts of Bogotá

Bogota today has one of its most crucial litmus tests since the start of the third wave of infections in the pandemic: the marches of the national strike in rejection of the tax reform proposed by the National Government of Colombia.

From early in the morning, protesters began to be seen in various sectors of Bogota that they have reached the seven points of concentration that had been agreed. However, according to the district authorities, there are about 54 points in the city where the control entities will be present to maintain order.

The central axis of the march is the National Park, at the height of the 7th race between streets 36 and 39. This place is, at this moment, the point of concentration of the protesters and where members of the centrals will congregate workers, unions and workers’ unions, such as Fecode, the ADE and the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (CUT). From there, the mobilization will go to the Plaza de Bolívar, in the center of Bogotá.

There have already been some important outbreaks of public order disorders, especially in the town of Suba where, according to the first versions, there was already a man arrested for throwing a bottle at a policeman.

It must be said that in most points, the marches have been carried out in peace and without alterations.

Other central points will be the La Sevillana sector, in the south of the city; the District Administrative Center (CAD), on Carrera 30 with Calle 26, and in front of the Heroes Monument, on the North Highway with Calle 80.

In addition, citizens have been summoned to focus on the surroundings of three public universities in the city: at the entrances of Calle 26 and Carrera 30 of the National University, at the District University on Carrera 7.ª (near the park Nacional), and in the Pedagogical, at the height of Calle 72 with Carrera 11.

In these three points, the majority of student groups from Bogotá are expected.

From the early hours, blockades began to be seen in different parts of the city. These are the most important incidents of the day in mobility in Bogotá.

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