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Muriel talks about Papu Gómez, his substitution and Real Madrid

Luis Fernando Muriel is one of Atalanta’s soccer leaders. The striker is the team’s top scorer and in Bergamo there is only praise for him. In an interview for The Echo of Bergamo, He pointed out that in his second season he is more synchronized with his teammates and that is why the ease with which he plays.

“Compared to last year I am better. I feel more in the world Atalanta, now it is easier to understand the timing of the matches and the movements of my teammates and everything comes out easier. “The Colombian has become one of the most effective scorers in Italy.

Muriel and her role as a substitute

The 29-year-old attacker explained his role as an alternative and made it clear that despite having the title of “best substitute in the world“He works to be a starter.” You have to know how to interpret the moments. I respect Gasperini’s choices and I know that I can help the team both from the start and on the go. I work to be a starter, not to go out on the field during the game. This helps me to be prepared even when I play twenty minutes or half an hour. ”

Muriel also referred to the competition with Duván Zapata in Atalanta. “We are very close, we have known each other since we were fifteen years old. We advise each other and sit next to each other in the locker room and it happens that at half time we talk and wonder how we are doing. If you score, I am the first to rejoice and vice versa. “

The situation of Papu Gómez

In December, Atalanta had difficult moments in the dressing room. The relationship Gasperini and Papu Gómez broke. Luis Fernando Muriel, one of the closest to the Argentine player, He stated that he became a great friend. “Lor strange, everyone would like to have a player like Papu on the team. I hope it can be solved and I can find the best solution. “

The dream of beating Real Madrid

Finally, Muriel spoke of the key to the knockout stages of the Champions League with Real Madrid. The forward hopes that the team will continue to raise the level and be able to surprise. “In the direct elimination you play to the death and anything can happen. Real is one of the strongest teams in the world, but we really want to win great goals and continue making history. Playing like in the last season we can dream of something beautiful“, he stressed.

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