On date 16 of Honduras – Liga Betcris de Clausura 2023, Ciclón Azul and R. Sociedad could not beat the rival goal and ended up equalizing in 2 on Sunday. The goals of the match for the locals were scored by Gaspar Triverio (12′ 1T and 17′ 1T). While the away goals were scored by Álvaro Torres (23′ 1T) and César Romero (1′ 2T).

The figure of the meeting was César Romero. The CD Real Sociedad midfielder stood out against Motagua by scoring 1 goal.

Gaspar Triverio also played a key role in the National Stadium. The Motagua midfielder stood out against CD Real Sociedad by scoring 2 goals and framing twice.

In the match, there were 2 warnings: Raúl Santos and Rodrigo Rodríguez.

Motagua coach Ninroll Medina set up a 4-4-2 formation on the pitch with Marlon Licona in goal; Kevin Álvarez, Raúl Santos, Carlos Meléndez and Diego Rodríguez on the defensive line; Juan Delgado, Carlos Mejía, Gaspar Triverio and Rodrigo Rodríguez in the middle; and Juan Carlos Obregón and Roberto Moreira in attack.

For their part, those led by Mauro Reyes failed with a 3-4-3 strategy with Marcos Allen under the three sticks; César Oseguera, Ricky Zapata and Luis Ortiz in defense; Deyron Martínez, Álvaro Torres, Edder Delgado and Samuel Pozantes in midfield; and Rony Martínez, Diego Reyes and Maynor Arzú in front.

The designated referee for the match was Oscar Moncada Godoy.

Ciclón Azul will host Marathón on the next day, while R. Sociedad will host Olancho FC at the Francisco Martínez Durón stadium.

The local is in fifth place with 23 points, while the visitor has reached 16 points and is in seventh place in the tournament.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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