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The historic snowfall that has affected Madrid and other Spanish regions and the intense cold that we suffer these days in many areas of the country could be an advance of other similar situations in the future. This is what the experts point out, who point out that in coming years there will be more storms like the one we have suffered.

It is a phenomenon that a priori could be shocking with climate change and the consequent global warming. However, it falls within the logic. The warming that the Earth is undergoing causes the poles to thaw and with it the balance of the planet is altered.

This fact facilitates extreme events, although it is true that those related to heat are more frequent in Spain than those related to cold. However, these variations produced by climate change can also produce situations like the one we have experienced with the storm Filomena when the necessary conditions are met.

Extreme phenomena

“There is an increase in the frequency and intensity of the different extreme meteorological phenomena linked to climate change. There are many studies that prove it. For example, when the jet stream weakens, snakes, remains stationary and causes extreme phenomena, in this case in Europe ”, explains meteorologist Joanna Ivars in La Sexta.

In the case of the storm Filomena, this has taken place because a cold air mass has interacted with a warmer and more humid one under certain conditions. It is a phenomenon that has resulted in large snowfalls.

Experts cannot conclusively assure that this storm has been directly linked to climate change, but they warn that the The increase in the temperature of the planet makes it easier for heat waves to occur more frequently during the summers and for the appearance of intense cold in the winter months. Therefore, they suggest that extreme weather events will be more common in the future.

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