‘Monsieur Dakar’ is back

‘Monsieur Dakar’ is back

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There are many riders who have made history on the Dakar, including some Spaniards like Marc Coma, Carlos Sainz or Nani Roma. But there is only one legend. No one, absolutely no one since this magical desert race began in 1979, has been as successful and has won it as many times as he. A nickname like yours has to be earned and it couldn’t be more deserved. Stéphane Peterhansel is ‘Monsieur Dakar’, and he is back in the place that has belonged to him on numerous occasions, no less than fourteen. Four years later, he wins again.

This race is usually fair to the winner and this edition has been no different, because there has been no one stronger than the Frenchman from Mini. He has not been the one who has won the most stages because Al Attiyah took five (six if we count the prologue), but one has been enough for him. Because his strength isn’t counted by stage wins, but by his overwhelming consistency. He did not fall below the Top 4 in any special stage, he attacked the overall lead on the second day and remained there, unshakable, until the last.

He gave a masterclass in how to manage an advantage because Nasser, who was behind him from the third stage, was never able to get closer than four minutes. The Qatari was unable to even make a crack in the wall that the Frenchman built between them despite giving him all possible head butts with victories. And it was not going to be less in the end. The Frenchman appeared to him with his feet well nailed andIn his first position with 15 minutes of advantage, and Al Attiyah could not move him from there an inch: he only cut him 40 seconds.

Of course, the resolution of the winner took place in the background if we talk about the stage itself because both were in the wake of Sainz, who was happy to take the victory to finish this Dakar in which he has suffered so much with navigation and punctures with something to celebrate. There are three partial triumphs that the Madrilenian scored, more also than the champion, which, however, will not be of any consolation because he aspired to more, much more, and that difference of more than an hour with his partner hurts.

It was not due to rhythm, since when he and Lucas Cruz have fought problems they have always been there, in their usual place among the best. But there were too many bad days. It will be necessary to see if he wants to repeat the experience with that new philosophy of roadbook about which so much has been said. For now, he only has to shake hands with his partner in Mini and congratulate him for doing the best job, as so many have done in the history of the Dakar. The one that belongs more than anyone, to ‘Monsieur Dakar’.

Melissa Galbraith
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