As part of the next National Exercise, to be held on April 19, the official report of the Mexico City Metro Public Transport System recalled the expected and relevant measures in the event of a seismic event.

“During an earthquake, keep calm and follow the instructions of the system staff, the metro facilities are safe,” read the Twitter account, where an infographic was attached.

Recommended measures to take in the event of a seismic event at Métro facilities (Photo: Twitter@MetroCDMX)

The Secretary for Citizen Security (CSS) He reported that a 19 year old was rescued at the station Saint MarthaSince Line Aafter having identified that it would possibly harm his physical integrity.

Through a press release, the capital’s agency added that officials had alerted to the presence of a person on the roof of the station located on Ignacio Zaragoza road.

Therefore, personnel from the Civil Protection, Heroic Fire Department and STC Metro Security arrived at the scene and, after establishing a dialogue of trust, They convinced the young man to give up his attempt to harm himself.


The advance of the trains of the Line 3.

The official Gpo.Siade.Ac.indicates that it was a man of around 35 who threw himself on the tracks at the Miguel Ángel de Quevedo station.

The authorities are awaiting the arrival of experts from the general prosecutor’s office (FGJ) of the capital to take the body of the person.


STC metro reported temporary suspension operations of the line 3 after a person jumped into the path of the train.

Transcends station facilities Miguel Angel de Quevedo They were closed after evicting the passengers.


Users start reporting delays at several metro line 3 stationssuch as Indios Verdes, Zapara, Balderas and Ciudad Universitaria.

Twitteros signal that the trains are kept at a standstill between 10 to 15 minutes in each station and even in the tunnels that connect to each other.

The user reported that the station Tepalcates Line A opened at 08:00 sharp. That’s to say, one hour later hours of service.

The STC Metro has indicated that it will inform the security elements.

STC Metro user identified as Héctor Moreno Mtz. cracking reported at station Petroleum Institute Since Line 5.

“It’s leaning more and more and the crack is getting bigger”, he commented through a publication on Twitter and attached a video of the station conditions.

The service of the Public Transport System (CS) Metro Start your operations smoothly with Sunday schedule. That is to say from 07:00 to 24:00.

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