Lionel Messi he dressed up as a hero in Princes Park. He Paris Saint Germain had a difficult day in front of the Lille with moments of very low performance, but thanks to his individual hierarchy he was able to turn the tide and the Argentine was responsible for scoring the final 4-3 minutes from closing. Wing For money It was difficult for him to meet his teammates throughout the game and he showed up when the team needed him most breathe after defeat Champions League.

One of the details that caught the eye before the initial whistle was the Rosario’s new look. Within a week he decided to take off his beard and viewers noticed the difference in her face as soon as she appeared on camera. The man from Rosario started active in the first moments of the duel corresponding to the date 24 of Ligue 1 with a shot blocked by goalkeeper Lucas Chevalier after a pass from Neymar.

It is precisely in the goal of the Brazilian in the 17′ that He let the ball pass so his friend could score the 2-0 partial which included a show of local painting. However, defensive and tactical errors gave Lille plenty of chances, who took advantage of each to turn the tide with goals from Bafode Diakite, Jonathan Bamba there Jonathan David criminal.

* Lionel Messi’s game against Lille

Nervousness reappeared in the stands and an atmosphere similar to the match against Bayern Munich after the goal Kingsley Coman. PSG did not find any type of operation at the level which sporting director Luis Campos entered the field of play and stood in the park next to Christophe Galtier to give indications. Time is running out and hopes are dwindling for the championship leader, until his two stars save the day.

Kylian Mbappe made it 3-3 after a fine assist from John Bernat and left back tunes floating in the Princes Park. With the time elapsed, Lionel faces the center of the field and receives a free kick a few meters from the crescent surface: the Argentinian charges the power bar and aims for the goalkeeper’s post. The ball bounced past the goalkeeper’s position, hit the post and came in to unleash the madness in the stadium.

The first to arrive at the party were kiki there Ashraf Hakimi for the rest of the team to slowly join us. Holders, substitutes and even Christophe Galtier joined the party which meant the three points for the Parisian team who stretched the advantage over their pursuers. Once referee Willy Delajod has finished the match, Sergio Ramos lifted Messi up and from the air he received a loving hug from Gianluigi Donnarumma.


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