Russia invades Ukraine. The world is looking shocked at the start of the war, but Giorgia Meloni at 7.40 this morning, after the conflict has begun for hours, instead of commenting on what is happening internationally, takes it out on the French government. On Twitter, the leader of the Brothers of Italy attacks Draghi for the decision to involve a French minister in the next Italian Council of Ministers. “A scandalous and unacceptable thing”, writes Meloni in the same minutes in which Russian troops advance into Ukraine. But for the leader of the FdI the main problem at that moment is not Kalashnikovs and tanks, but the “absurd” and “signed without discussion in Parliament” Treaty of the Quirinale, as well as “

Then, not satisfied by the criticisms, she adds others shortly after: “A government born of palace intrigues, closes the doors to popular sovereignty but opens them wide to the cumbersome neighbor who would like to reduce Italy to a branch in Paris. only Brothers of Italy to defend the Constitution, sovereignty and freedom of our Nation? “.

Only shortly after 9 that Meloni seems to notice what is happening in Ukraine. Thus, after criticizing France and the government, he tackles the issue of war and on Facebook he defines Putin’s attack as “unacceptable”. “Europe – he writes – plunges back into a past that we hoped not to relive again. It is the time of field choices. The West and the international community are united in putting in place every useful measure in support of Kiev and respect of international law “.

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