Sydney (Australia), April 17 Melbourne has become Australia’s most populous city by overtaking its historic rival Sydney under a change in its city limits, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) confirmed on Monday. the EFE.

Melbourne added the western ward of Melton to its urban area in 2021, adding its population to overtake Sydney’s population, in a change that had previously disappeared.

According to the latest calculations, Melbourne has a total population of 4,875,400, some 18,700 more than Sydney, according to data sent to EFE by the official body.

However, the ABS pointed out that it prioritizes in its measurements the geographical aspect of the space occupied by metropolitan areas – which represent small independent municipalities attached to large cities -.

This allows Sydney, with its nearly 5.26 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area, to continue to be “the most populous city in terms of population”, according to Andrew Howe, demographics expert for this official body, surpassing the Melbourne metropolitan area at around 283,600. residents.

Although, over the next decade, the Melbourne metropolitan area will also catch up with and overtake, with its greater growth, the Sydney metropolitan area, according to statistical forecasts.

At the time of the Gold Rush in the mid-19th century, Melbourne experienced its greatest period of splendor and for decades remained the most populous city in the country due to the influx of immigrants and the birth rate explosion.

However, from 1902 Sydney managed to capture the position after gold mining began to decline. ECE


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