There is no age to be united. In France, since the start of the war in Ukraine, each municipality has organized itself to help Ukraine. Many associations collect donations (money, foodstuffs, clothes, baby products, etc.) and bring them to the gates of the country, in particular to the Polish border. In Mayenne, the small town of Courcité has decided to involve the youngest. The children of the village school have started a harvest of cuddly toys, which began to be transported to Ukraine on Thursday March 17, reports France Bleu Mayenne.

Already 49 comforters

To celebrate the first 100 days of school, the Courcité school hoped to collect 100 comforters. So far, families have donated 49 comforters. They took the road to Ukraine aboard the truck of Vincent Mesnager, responsible for Transport Mesnager in Javron-les-Chapelles, who decided to lead humanitarian convoys on his leave.

This lovely initiative, intended to comfort uprooted Ukrainian children, joins the hundreds of thousands of other actions undertaken in France. Several fitness centers have, for example, set up sporting challenges for which participants must pay a few euros. At Cateau-Cambrésis, in the North, members of the Osmose center will be able to carry out “rowing” challenges on the weekend of March 19 and 20. The money raised.

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