Mauricio Leal: police say the mother of the deceased Colombian stylist was murdered

Mauricio Leal: police say the mother of the deceased Colombian stylist was murdered

The authorities of Colombia They continue to investigate the events surrounding the deaths of the renowned stylist Mauricio Leal Hernandez and of his mother, Marleny Hernández, which occurred on November 22 and whose bodies were found in Leal’s house in La Calera, Cundinamarca.

In the middle of the investigations and while the Prosecutor’s Office is waiting for the official opinion of Legal Medicine Regarding the death of the two people, the Commander of the Sabana Norte Police provided some details of the case.

At the site where the bodies were found on Monday night a note was found in which apparently Leal Hernández was saying goodbye: “I love you, forgive me, I can’t take it anymore (…), I leave everything, with all my love, forgive me, mom 11 24 ″, says the paper that is being evaluated by graphologists to establish if, in fact, it was written by the stylist.

The Prosecutor’s Office also hopes that Legal Medicine determines if a knife that was found at the site corresponds to the wounds on the bodies of the stylist and his mother.

But in addition, Colonel Simón Eduardo Cornejo, commander of the Sabana Norte Police, said this Wednesday in an interview with The FM that there is evidence that Marleny hernandez She was killed.

As one sees the scene, neither of the two possibilities can be ruled out. Regardless of things, we are verified because the woman was a homicide, but we must really establish with the body of the other person (Mauricio Leal) if it was in circumstances of suicide or homicide this fact “Colonel Cornejo said, adding that the bodies were found in Leal’s mother’s room.

Within the investigative process, the authorities have already collected several testimonies that indicate that Leal Hernández, apparently, suffered from a chronic disease and severe pain caused by the consumption of analgesic medications.

In addition, it is known that on the day of the events, Leal He contacted the person hired to clean the house so that he would not go to the residence and that night he arrived in a vehicle with a driver, who was told to wait for him outside for a moment.

But after a long time, the driver began to suspect that something was happening because Leal did not leave the house. At the same time, the stylist’s brother dialed his mother on the phone on several occasions and she did not answer him, so he went to the site, finding the bodies of his relatives.

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